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Funding For Families - Katesgrove & Southcote Food Bank Funding From uSports

Recently uSports have started working in the Kennet Federation which includes Katesgrove & Southcote Primary Schools. We are working in the schools to upskill their teachers through our new CPD programme to help the staff to develop their delivery of PE lessons.

Last week I had the pleasure to head down to Southcote to meet Laura who showed me around the fantastic food bank provision for families across the trust. As a part of our partnership with the schools, uSports are donating £100 every month to the food bank to help support families in the local community. As we have grown, our ability to give back to the community is a real honour and we are so proud to be partnered with schools like this who put in such a fantastic effort to support the families in their setting.

So, what does the food bank provide? The food bank does of course provide food but also school uniform, toys and household items to local families. This provision is a great help to many families and really unites the whole school community with those who are able to, using the anonymous collection point at the school to make donations and those who need the support being given fair access to the resources they need.

Laura, who is also the pastoral lead at the school puts in an immense amount of effort to manage the food bank provision. The provision has been established for years and has constantly adapted to changes - in lockdown Laura even dropped off parcels to families from the food bank. Laura puts in a considerable amount of time to ensure that everything which is donated is suitable to be handed out, organising the space and reaching out to families to ensure everyone is aware of the provision. Lots of families still do not utilise the food bank so it is so important to spread the message to make sure everyone is able to receive support at times when they may need it.

The weekly food shopping costs have risen, particularly in recent times, from £40 to £70 per week. The food bank is fully funded by the school as well as donations from the school and wider community so it is as important as ever to make sure everyone keeps supporting where they can to allow the school to keep in line with the rising costs.

Over the last year we have been a part of the HAF (Healthy Activities & Food) Programme and have also personally funded free holiday camp spaces. Being able to now support the food bank allows us to only help more and more children and their families to access healthier lives. We can't wait to see how we can help next! 💙


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