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One to one Football


Private Football Coaching Sessions For Children in Reading, Berkshire For Kids Aged 4 - 16

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Has your child lost social confidence during lockdown? Or maybe they are just keen to get back out there with a football! We want all children to have a positive experience with sports and understand that some children may, understandably, be more nervous than others at this time. Our coaches will work hard to not only develop your child's game but also to help build confidence out of the house. 

Core Focus

Supporting young people to manage their self-esteem and confidence including the management of anxiety.

General Coaching

SEN Coaching

Confidence Building

Mental Health Focus

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Would your child benefit from tailored sessions to improve their game? There are so many benefits to individual coaching sessions.  Our coaches will work with you and your child to get the most out of every session. We are more than happy to offer sessions to young people of any sporting ability.

Core Focus

Supporting young people to develop their football playing practice and experience in a supportive environment

Attacker Coaching

Midfield Coaching

Defender Coaching 

Goalkeeper Coaching 

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Core Principles

We follow two private coaching programmes at uSports; Nurture and Skills. Across these programmes we have some fundamental core principles which run through each and every one of our football coaching sessions.


To help players improve in any part of the game.

To increase a player's confidence.

To motivate and encourage the player to work hard.

To develop the player and the person.

uSports Private Coaching Philosophy 
"uSports believe that players should feel comfortable in the environment in which they train. This allows players to try new things and allows them to make mistakes. With mistakes come lessons. With lessons come learning."

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What We Do

uSports specialises in school sports coaching, including PPA cover and active lunchtime clubs. We also operate holiday clubs in Reading and the surrounding areas, focusing primarily on football camps. Alongside our school sports coaching and holiday camps we also offer nursery sessions, toddler classes and football coaching sessions.

Where We Work

uSports is based in Woodley, Reading. We offer school sports coaching and holiday camps across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. Areas covered include Reading, Maidenhead, High Wycombe, Bracknell, Windsor and Wokingham.