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Planning a Football Birthday Party in Reading with uSports

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Planning your child's birthday can be a very time consuming and complicated process; deciding what your child wants, trying to find a reliable provider as well as having to spend hours preparing.

However, we think that both you and your child should be able to enjoy and look forward to the event. We want to allow you to appreciate these times while your children are young, rather than having to sweat the small stuff.

When we deliver a birthday party we will be able to help you from the beginning. We have exclusive access to Aldryngton school as a safe and secure party venue but are also very familiar with various venues across the area which we can help you to select.

Once a venue and a date have been selected we can then focus on tailoring the party to your preferences. We have a range of packages which we offer, allowing you to select how much support we can offer you.

"My son had a wonderful time at his uSports football party.  The coach was extremely good with children - he knew a lot of fun group games and paid close attention to each child. The kids all enjoyed the party and left with smiles on their faces."

David, Parent

Now, to the most important aspect. The party itself and ensuring that your child has a birthday which they will remember.

So, what do our parties look like?

  • 1 hour of organised football games and matches (indoors or outdoors)

  • 30 minutes for food and cake indoors

  • A final presentation to congratulate the birthday boy or girl


uSports promises to deliver a seamless birthday party for your child ensuring they have a great day. We understand the importance of the big day and we do absolutely everything we can to make working with us as easy as possible. uSports put you first and want you to experience the best possible birthday party. 
We promise to only provide high quality coaches that are experienced, enthusiastic and reliable. Our coach will arrive with plenty of time to set up and with all the equipment needed to deliver the party.


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