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Early Years School Sports Coaching For Nurseries,
Pre-Schools and Foundation Stage Across Berkshire, The Thames Valley & Bristol

Sports Coaching for Nurseries and Pre Schools

We offer a range of early years sports sessions and are also more than happy to help you out with your own ideas too!

Active Early Years
Sessions that focus on young peoples Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed (ABCS).

Rugby Sessions
Mini rugby sessions which will encourage children to learn the fundamentals of rugby. Throwing, Catching and Movement will be key to these sessions.
Football Sessions
An introduction to the sport of football. Our sessions will include fun, creative ideas to encourage children to learn the basics of football.
Dance Sessions
With a bit of music and some fun games, dance sessions are a great way to get wiggling!
Multi-Sports Classes
Mixing up the sport with every session, we will introduce little ones to the basic fundamentals of a wide range of sports.

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How Can We Enrich The Delivery Of Sport In Your Early Years Setting?

uSports aims to help educate through an active and engaging programme which compliments the EYFS framework. We believe our sessions can support young people to become:

A Strong Child
uSports can support children to become strong both mentally and physically. Physical exercise develops agility, balance and coordination (ABC) to allow children to be able to access more in the world around them. Alongside this, children are becoming mentally stronger as they work with others and learn resilience.

A Skilful Communicator
uSports lessons are all about teamwork and communication; so why not introduce this to our youngest members too. Children will develop listening and communication skills by following instructions and having to make themselves understood. This will help children to learn how to communicate with their peers.

A Competent Learner
Our class sizes are kept small to ensure that every child receives the support and attention they deserve in a safe and secure learning environment. This provides them with the best possible environment for learning. At uSports we love to celebrate the achievements of every child who attends, whatever this may look like for the individual learner.

A Healthy Child
Children who lead healthy lifestyles have a far higher likelihood of growing into adults who do the same. We want all children to lead healthy lifestyles and to develop a love for sport. Our main aim is to see young children having fun, learning and exploring new avenues.

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