Summer 2020


3G Pitches at Woodford Park





Starting Friday 7th August


Groups of 15 Children


Year 1 - 2

Year 3 - 4

Year 5 - 6


Year 3 - 4

Year 5 - 6

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uSports COVID-19 Operational Protocol

Summer Holiday Camps 2020

Click the PDF icon to view the full document before booking

Updated 31.07.2020 amendments highlighted in blue

Holiday Camps Running In Accordance With Specific Government Guidance

FA Guidance For Return Of Outdoor Competitive Grassroots Football



£23 Full Day

Flexible Bookings

We are unable to accept childcare vouchers

No sibling discount available for Summer 2020


Football Plus

Tuesday - Thursday

22nd July - 27th August 2020

Friday Match Day

Group 2 & 3 Only

7th August - 28th August 2020

Group 1

Year 1-2

Drop Off: 9.15am - 9.30am

Pick Up: 3.15pm - 3.30pm

Group 2

Year 3 - 4

Drop Off: 9am - 9.15am

Pick Up: 3pm - 3.15pm

Group 3

Year 5 - 6

Drop Off: 8.45am - 9am

Pick Up: 2.45pm - 3pm


3G Pitches

Woodford Park




No indoor facilities available

Gazebos provided for cover

Portable toilets assigned to each group


Woodley Football Plus Camp
Our Football Plus camp will be focused primarily on football skills and activities. We will be including lots of other fun sports and activities to make sure that the day is jam packed and fun throughout. Some time spent playing football will now include football matches which will not have to adhere to social distancing. The rest of the day will remain socially distanced.
Woodley Match Day Friday
We will now be offering a match focused day every Friday for the remainder of summer. Children will not socially distance while playing matches but will maintain social distancing during breaks and any other activities. The day will be focused on football matches but will also include other football games and activities. .

Who Is It For?

Boys and Girls

All Abilities

Siblings must be in the same groups

Please book your child according to their year group for this current school year (2019 -20)

E.g. If your child is finishing Year 2 and will be joining Year 3 in September they can join Group 1 or 2


How will my child be kept safe regarding COVID-19?

We have written and published a full operational protocol to explain how we are keeping safe at our camps. We are closely following government guidelines and we encourage you to read our full protocol before making your booking so that you are confident with the provision.

Which group should I book my child on to for their age?

Our groups are based on your child's year group for the 2019-2020 school year. Please book your child onto the group for the school year group which they are currently in and not the year group they will be in from September. You must only book onto one group throughout the whole of summer, this covers both the Football Plus and Match Day Camps.

Will you be social distancing?

Yes and no! we will be following the 1m+ social distancing guidelines within the groups of 15. Each group will have one designated member of staff for the week. We will have no more than 3 groups present at any one time and each group will be kept a minimum of 2m apart. All groups will have a designated toilet and gazebos. If our coaches decide that a child is not able to safely maintain social distancing we reserve the right to terminate their place on the camp. For matches children will not be expected to follow social distancing, as set out in the FA guidelines. During match days children will still maintain social distancing during breaks and activities other than matches.

What if the weather gets bad? Will you be going inside?

We have enough gazebos for all children to take shelter under within their assigned groups. Please be aware that we have no indoor facilities at all due to the venue's COVID-19 restrictions​ so we will persevere through any rainy days and ensure that the days are still super fun!

What days can I book for?

You can book for any days you wish for your child to attend. The only restriction is that you must only book onto one group throughout the summer holidays across both the Football Plus camp and Friday Match Days.

Will siblings be together?

If you are booking multiple children onto the camp, they will need to join the same group. If they are in different age groups you will need to contact the uSports office to determine the most appropriate group for your children to join.

Can I book my child onto multiple groups or different groups each week?

No, to keep our groups as consistent as possible you need to book onto only one group. You will need to book onto this same group for any subsequent days which you wish your child to attend for both the Football Plus camp and Friday Match Days.

What time should I drop off /pick up my child at a camp?
We will be running staggered start and finish times for our groups. Each group will have a 15 minute drop off and pick up window and we ask you to please be punctual at this time to prevent too many people congregating during pick up and drop off. If you arrive late or early we may ask you to wait until other groups have finished their drop off and pick up time slots.

What should my child bring?
Your child is more than welcome to bring football boots but trainers are essential. We will provide all necessary equipment for all the sports and activities your child will take part in. On football camps, children are required to bring and use shin pads. 

What happens if someone shows symptoms?

Please refer to our full operational protocol to see the procedure in place for this scenario. Our procedure is taken directly from the government guidance for after-school clubs and holiday camps.

How do toilet runs work?

We are renting three portable toilets so that each group on site at that time have their own designated toilet. We have hired cleaners to clean the toilets twice daily. The toilets have running water for hand washing and are emptied weekly.

My child wants to be with their friend, how can I do this?

If you would like your child to be in the same group as a friend, please make sure to arrange this with the parent or guardian of the other child and make sure to both book onto the same group. Children will not be able to swap groups once the camp has begun. 

Will coaches be able to help with shoe laces?

Yes, as this is less than 15 minutes of close interaction our coaches will be able to help to tie up shoe laces. We will ask children to face away while the coach ties up their laces for them.

Will you provide lunch for my child?
No, please provide your child with a packed lunch and a drinks bottle at all venues.

What should my child wear?
Every child should wear appropriate clothing for outdoor activities, tracksuits with shorts if the weather is good.

Will you provide drinks?

For hygiene reasons we will not be able to refill water bottles at this time so we recommend that you send your child in with multiple water bottles. We recommend 2 litres of water as a minimum.

Will you provide sun cream?
No, we cannot apply sun screen to children. Please send the appropriate factor with your child and we will remind them throughout the day to apply it.

What if my child doesn't enjoy it?

Trust us, they will. But, just for peace of mind we offer a money back guarantee!

Do you offer a sibling discount?

Due to the additional costs associated with running a COVID secure camp, we are not able to offer sibling discounts this summer.

What if my child gets injured? 

All of our head coaches are First Aid trained. Any injuries will be reported on an accident form which you will be shown at the end of the day. If there is an emergency you will be contacted immediately.

Do you offer half days?

We will not be offering half days this summer to ensure that our groups remain consistent throughout the day.

If the information you are looking for is not here then please do not hesitate to contact our team.

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