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Use your passion,
expand your potential

Don't settle for limitations.
We need business minded sports educators
to join us on our journey to become national.

The Sky's The Limit

Unlimited earning potential

uSports are providing you with a new opportunity which is disrupting the industry. With uSports partners there is no limit on what you can earn. We predict for the first few years you will be earning...

Year 1 between £25k to £40k
Year 2 between £35k to £60k
Year 3 between £50k to £90k

I set up usports to provide as many children as possible with a positive experience with s

for you



We know what to deliver and how to deliver it!

Opportunity to run all of the sessions that uSports currently run with our lesson plans to support quality:

• School Sessions | Lunch clubs, After School Clubs, PPA Cover and CPD
• Sports Camps | 9am-3pm in the school holidays
• Birthday Parties
• Private Sessions
• Nursery Classes
• Community Sessions | Toddler Football and Development Centres

Fair Pay Structure
Exclusive Area
No Upfront Investment
Successful Systems

Central Marketing

The majority of our largest contracts have come from our successful marketing strategies. A uSports partner will have access to an established marketing team constantly working to put them in front of their customer.

• Getting to the top of google
• Well respected, established brand
• Facebook/Instagram ad budget
• YouTube Videos
• Brochures and Printed materials
• Banners and flyers to put in your local area
• Up to date website
• Active social media pages

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Hands On

alongside extensive online resources for your success



With Charlie having proved he is capable of creating a successful sports coaching business, partners will have on hand professional advice from a mentor who will be there to support mentors as they grow their area. Alongside regular one to one coaching, you will also have a team of other partners that you can bounce ideas off too.

We hope to grow a team of passionate partners that help each other by sharing success and failures to help other partners see success in their area.


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Why uSports?

Exclusive offering disrupting the market
Security for you and your family
Marketing support
Proven success

Our Story

At 21 years old, I was fired from my job with no idea what my next chapter would be. I had always been passionately business minded so I seized the opportunity and decided to combine this passion with that of sports coaching and from walking out of my last workplace in November I was stood on the field by January delivering my first uSports coaching session in the primary school I had attended. I have always been keen to ensure that uSports continues to work towards our philosophy of providing as many children as possible with a positive experience of sport and I am incredibly proud of our reputation. I also have been keen to ensure that uSports has continued to grow as a business to provide opportunities to my team and others in the sports coaching industry. We now have an established management team and a fantastic group of coaches, meaning we have created space for our next major players in uSports... you!


In just 6 years, including significant disruption from COVID, we have...

Partnered Settings.png
Over 100 Sports Coaches
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Reputable Business

uSports partners provides an alternative to franchising, but why should you not start a sports coaching franchise?

Why Shouldn't I Franchise?

Heavy Upfront Investment · Ongoing Investment
Long Term Commitment · Inconsistent Long Term Support

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