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Affordable Online Gymnastics Course For Sports Coaches & Primary School Teachers To Help Develop Your Confidence In Teaching School Gymnastics!

Increased Confidence In Gymnastics For Only...

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Whether you're an experienced educator or new to coaching, this online course will equip you with the necessary tools, tips, and strategies to become more confident teaching primary school gymnastics.

Course Highlights

Safety Guidelines

Safety is our top priority. Learn the latest safety protocols and guidelines to ensure a secure environment for gymnastics training. From proper warm-ups to equipment usage, you'll gain the confidence to conduct lessons that prioritise the well-being of your pupils.​

Effective Equipment Usage

Explore how to effectively incorporate gymnastics equipment into your lessons. We'll cover most typical equipment that you would find in a primary school hall including wall bars, mats, benches, spring boards and balance tables.

Mastering Shapes & Travel

Teach your students the fundamental shapes and movements that form the building blocks of gymnastics. From tucks and pikes to rolls and handstands, you'll discover innovative techniques to help your pupils develop their skills with ease.

Perfecting Rolls & Balances

Rolls and balances are essential components of gymnastics. Our course will guide you through straight rolls, straddle rolls, forward rolls and backwards rolls!

Exploring Flight

Learn how to teach exciting movements that involve jumping, leaping, and flying through the air.

Creative A Positive Experience

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A positive learning experience is key to fostering a lifelong love for gymnastics.

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How Does It Work?

This course combines training videos, quizzes, and resources to guide you towards mastery of school gymnastics lessons. Watch expert-led videos at your own pace, reinforce learning with interactive quizzes, and access downloadable resources. Enjoy the flexibility to learn when it suits you best. Successfully completing the course earns you a certificate of completion. Get ready to enhance your gymnastics teaching skills and embark on a rewarding learning journey with us!

Your Educators


With a rich background in primary school sports coaching spanning over a decade, Charlie is the driving force behind uSports, which was founded in 2017. His passion for fostering a love of sports and physical education in young minds led to the creation of this dynamic learning platform.

uSports Director

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Bringing a remarkable 17 years of experience in delivering primary school PE, including a focus on gymnastics, Rob is a seasoned educator. Having spent considerable time as a full-time PE instructor in schools, he now plays a pivotal role in developing uSports' education program. This program extends learning opportunities to coaches and teachers within and beyond our organization, making a lasting impact on the quality of physical education for students everywhere.

Education Manager

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