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A Different Job For Teachers In The Sports Industry

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

The value teachers bring into a school is immeasurable. Nearly anyone you speak to will be able to recount certain teachers who supported them and their education to help them become who they are today.

Teachers have to work incredibly hard to ensure that pupils get the most out of their education. At times the career path can be difficult and sometimes limited if senior leadership is not right for you.

If you are a PE teacher or have a passion for sports, then we feel we have an exciting opportunity for anybody that is in the education space.


uSports partners

Your passion for PE and sports is something that can drive you into a new career path with uSports. There are thousands of children out there looking for passionate people like you to educate them and to inspire them to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

If you are passionate about helping young people have a positive experience with sport, then we feel we have a platform to help you grow the offering within your area. Coming from a teaching background will allow you to build on the knowledge and experience you already have without completely diverting away from the teaching industry.

By offering a fair pay packet and business support to ensure you are successful, uSports are confident that you could become the next uSports partner if you bring the following qualities:

  • Organised

  • Hard working

  • Innovative

  • Aspirational

  • A passion for self development

  • A passion for sports

  • Enjoys a sense of adventure

So what is our offering?

We are looking for passionate sports people to join our team to expand our current provision. Within 4 years our base in Reading has grown to over 70 schools and nurseries with a team of over 50 coaches.

Our offering gives you the potential to replicate what we have done by developing the provision in your designated area. Moving forwards, the aim would be to grow a team of coaches within your area helping to deliver quality sports sessions to thousands of children on a weekly basis.

As you grow the business, your pay will increase accordingly with no cap on how much you can earn. We believe all of our partners could make at least £30,000 in their first year with a realistic target of over £80,000 by year three!

To find out more about our partners opportunity, click here:


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