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a shared vision,
a shared opportunity

Your passion for sports shouldn't hold back your earning potential.
A unique opportunity to build a sports delivery provision in your area without the risk of starting a new business.

A Pay Package Designed To Reward Your Committment

We wanted to provide a starting salary to allow people to make the transition with the reassurance of some money coming in each month. The salary is deliberately low to allow us to offer you a higher percentage on your bonus and demonstrates to us a commitment to the role from you as a partner.

Turnover excludes VAT


What's The Split?

£15k Salary
+ 15% Of Turnover

What Will Your Role Be?

You will help grow the provision of sports in your community whilst upholding our high standards of quality.

Managing your team

Finding new venues for camps

Finding new schools


Managing quality

Daily staffing

Managing equipment and uSports kit

Administration tasks for your areas

Managing enquiries 

Chasing late payments

Holiday camp promotion (Banners, flyers, directories)

Disciplinaries and terminations


What Will Our Role Be?

We will continue to invest within your area, constantly improve the quality of the overall brand and help bring leads into your area.

Paid social media advertising

Google SEO work to help raise your profile on google

Design of social media posts & marketing materials

Business coaching to help you drive your area forwards

Manage all tax, pensions, NI & other legal financial commitments

Updated website 

Invest in you and your team to manage the area effectively

Support you by building relationships with other uSports partners

A promotional video for your area

Answer your phone line should you be unable to answer


Are The Numbers Achievable?

Absolutely! If anything we have underestimated what is possible within 3 years!

uSports Partners Figures (2).png

Turnover is excluding VAT

Case Study

Charlie Hiscox

uSports Partners is an exciting new opportunity and while he did not begin as a partner, Charlie's journey was very comparable to that which our partners will go on!
This is what Charlie would have earnt in the first 6 years of running uSports if he had been a uSports partner. Bear in mind, Charlie was responsible for everything at the start of his journey and did not have the additional support which you will receive from us.

uSports Partners Image (1).png

Year 1  £34,500
Year 2 £58,000
Year 3 £54,000 (COVID)
Year 4 £83,000
Year 5

Year 6 £190,800

Ben Brown uSports Partner.jpg

Case Study

Ben Brown

Ben joined the uSports partner programme early in the journey, starting in February 2023. By September 2023, Ben had already secured sessions in 13 schools & nurseries across Bristol alongside an expanding community provision.

Read Ben's blog posts to see his journey with uSports so far...

Logo for dark background.png

Why not franchise?

Not Just Another Franchise

When thinking about our expansion plan we didn't want to just be another franchisor in the sports coaching industry. It's been going on for donkey's years and we feel that they are all too similar to one another without actually offering anything that different.

uSports partners provides an alternative to the norm

We understand that you might not be in a position to take a big risk in starting a new franchise with no guaranteed income. We believe that franchising benefits the franchisor more than the franchisee, we have created something new to benefit you!

The Benefits of uSports Partners Over A Franchise...

Guaranteed income from the off

No silly upfront franchise fee

Reduced risk

Large central team supporting you from day one

Fair pay from day one

Part of a company who look to innovate

Constant investment in your area for years to come

Long Term Support Some franchisors are more interested in making their money by selling the area as opposed to helping you grow your area

  • When do HAF camps run?
    Free HAF camp spaces are available only during Easter, Summer & Christmas holidays. HAF funding is not available during half terms.
  • What does my child need to bring?
    Please send your child in wearing weather appropriate clothing. All children must wear trainers, it is optional for children to wear football boots when football is played on 3G or grass pitches. Please send your child in with a water bottle for the day but there is no need to send any food as this will be provided for you through the HAF programme. You may wish to send your child in with a snack.
  • My child would need 1:1 support to attend - can they come to the camp?
    Yes! If you think your child would be able to access the activities in the day with the help of 1:1 support then we are able to arrange volunteers who will be able to provide your child with the relevant support. Please note we have a limited number of volunteers available so if you would like to request a 1:1 volunteer please let us know with as much notice as possible and we will do our best to accommodate your request!
  • Will you provide lunch?
    Yes! Your child will be provided with a healthy lunch every day that they attend the camp.
  • What if my child doesn't like the lunch options?
    The menu on offer is varied, healthy and tasty! However, we know children may have foods that they dislike. We are unable to provide alternative meals for individual children but there are a range of items included in every meal and you are also welcome to send in more food for your child if you think they might not eat the options provided.
  • Will you cater for allergies and dietary requirements?
    Yes! When you book on there will be an option to let us know of any allergies or dietary requirements. We will then pass this information onto our external food provider to ensure that your child gets the right meal.
  • Who can join the HAF camps for free?
    Any child who is eligible for free school meals can join the camp for free. You will need to receive a code to book on from the relevant local authority and you are good to go! More booking information can be found on each camp page. If your child is not eligible for free school meals but you would like them to attend, our camps also have a paid option so there are opportunities for everyone to get involved!
  • How do I book?
    Please visit your camp specific page as booking varies depending on which local council your camp is run in association with.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    Yes! Discounts will vary depending on your local area but discounts which are available include... 20% HAF Discount We are offering a discount on all bookings for children who are eligible for HAF on top of their 24 free HAF days per year. 10% Sibling Discount Book your first child on and receive a 10% discount for each additional child you book on. This will be applied automatically. This does not apply to friend or cousin bookings, children must be siblings. Multi-Day Booking Discount If you book for multiple days we offer a discounted rate at our camps. 10% Subscriber Discount Discount for those who have a term time community subscription with uSports.
  • Can my child have a packed lunch with nuts?
    All of our holiday camps are nut free. We ask you to please ensure that you do not send your child in with a packed lunch which contains nuts.
  • My child would need 1:1 support to attend - can they come to the camp?
    If you think your child would be able to access the activities in the day with the help of 1:1 support then we ask you to get in contact with us to go through a few questions to make sure that the camp will be suitable for your child. If we think the camp will be a good fit for your child, we can then book a 1:1 coach for the day (subject to availability) at an additional cost.
  • My child wants to be with their friend or sibling, how can I make sure they are together?
    If you would like your child to be in the same group as a friend or sibling, please make sure to let the site manager know on the day of the camp and they will be able to arrange this for you.
  • What does my child need to bring?
    Your child is more than welcome to bring football boots but trainers are essential. We will provide all necessary equipment for all the sports and activities your child will take part in. On football camps, children are required to bring and use shin pads. Weather appropriate clothing and items: hats, gloves, change of clothes for rainy days, suncream. Food! A packed lunch, plenty of water and a few snacks. If your child is attending through a government funded HAF space, lunch will be provided free of charge but we still recommend your provide water and snacks.
  • What if the weather gets bad?
    Our camps go ahead in all but the absolute worst weather! At our outdoor venues, we will have gazebos on site for shelter. At our school venues, we will have access to both indoor & outdoor spaces. In the case of a day needing to be cancelled due to extreme weather, you will either be able to transfer your booking to another day or can hold your booking fee as a credit towards futue bookings.
  • What is 'Football Plus'
    We will be offering the camp as a ‘Football Plus’ camp. The camp will primarily be focused on football skills and activities with one additional 'plus' sports delivered each day to try something different!
  • What time do I need to drop off/pick up my child?
    5-12 Year Olds Drop off is from 8:30am and pick up is at 3pm. The main camp day is 9am - 3pm. There is a presentation every day at 2:50pm where we give out prizes which parents are welcome to watch. 4 Year Olds Drop off is from 8:30am and pick up is at 1pm. The main camp day is 9am - 1pm. Due to Ofsted regulations, 4 year olds are not able to attend for the full day until 3pm.
  • My child is 4, can they join the camp?
    Yes! If... They have started school and are in Reception or Foundation They book onto our shorter day camp until 1pm only at a reduced rate to follow Ofsted regulations.
  • Will you provide lunch?
    No, please provide your child with a packed lunch, snack and a drinks bottle at all venues unless your child is attending on a government funded HAF space.
  • Will you apply suncream?
    Yes if you have given consent when making your booking on ClassForKids are coaches are happy to help. Please send the appropriate factor with your child and we will also remind them throughout the day to apply it themselves.
  • What if my child doesn't enjoy it?
    Trust us, they will. But, just for peace of mind we offer a money back guarantee!
  • What if my child gets injured?
    All of our head coaches are First Aid trained. Any injuries will be reported on an accident form which will be sent to you at the end of the day. If there is an emergency you will be contacted immediately.
  • Do you offer half days?
    We do not offer half days at our camps.
  • What are the steps for paying with childcare vouchers or tax free childcare?
    1. Select the camp you would like to book (please double check on the camp page that this is a venue accepting childcare vouchers) 2. Book your child(ren) onto the relevant dates. 3. Click 'Complete Order' and your space is then booked. You can leave this webpage. 4. Send an email to your local area to request the payment details for your local area and we will then send you instructions about how to pay! 5. We will wait to receive confirmation from the voucher provider that they have transferred funds. We will then record a payment on your account and send you a receipt to confirm.
  • Which childcare vouchers or tax free childcare can I use?
    We accept all vouchers! If we aren't currently setup with your provider we can get added so that you can make payment. Email your local area for the full list of providers accepted.



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