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4 Gymnastics Warm-Up Ideas For Primary School Teachers

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Here are four of our favourite gymnastics warm-up ideas for primary school teachers and sports coaches.

Animals: Encourage children to channel their inner creatures as they move around the space using different animal-inspired movements. - Explore various speeds, heights, and body positions. This engaging warm-up seamlessly ties into gymnastics themes like Travel, Flight, and Balances. By letting their imaginations run wild, children not only warm up their bodies but also ignite their creativity.

Alphabet: Encourage children to use their bodies to form different letters, promoting flexibility, balance, and motor skills. This warm-up is an excellent tool to reinforce Shapes and Balance concepts, enhancing children's body awareness and coordination.

- Can you spell your name? - Can you spell the Alphabet? - Can you guess your partners word? - Can the group make a word?

Beans: Invite children to transform into various beans—runner beans, jumping beans, and beyond. This versatile warm-up is suitable for a wide range of gymnastics topics, providing a dynamic start to each session.

- Baked Bean (Tuck shape) - Runner Bean (Running safely in the area) - Jumping bean (Flight and landings) - Hopping bean (Hopping) - Green bean (Straight shape) - Broad Bean (Large shape)

Follow the Leader: Divide children into small groups and designate a leader for each round. As the leader, children decide how their group moves around, allowing them to take ownership of their warm-up experience. Rotate the leader so that every child gets to have a chance as a leader. Encourage the leader to:

- Use different ways to travel - Different shapes - Different levels - Be creative!

To Summarise

As primary school teachers and coaches, you have the power to shape young minds through engaging and enriching gymnastics experiences. The Animals, Alphabet, Beans, and Follow the Leader warm-up games are just a glimpse of the exciting activities our uSports online course has to offer. Sign up for the uSports course today and unlock a world of gymnastics!


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