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5 Great Things About One To One Football Coaching Sessions

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

Do you want to improve your game?

Whether you need to improve your first touch, your passing or any other technical aspect of the game; a one to one will push you in the right direction. With detailed technical knowledge to help players of all ages and abilities our coaches will create sessions to challenge and motivate young people to work towards their goals.

With so many benefits, what makes our top 5 list?

1. Positive role model

Before the football comes the person. With the right approach, young people will look at their coach as someone they respect and will work hard for. By building a positive relationship with a player, a coach can make a big difference in a young person's life.

2. Improvements in ball control

Every player wants to have a good touch and be comfortable with the ball at their feet. One to one sessions provide players with the opportunity to touch the ball so many more times than they would in a normal group session. By having so many touches, a player will no doubt improve their overall ball mastery.

3. Increased confidence

In a private football coaching session it isn't rare to find a player realise they are able to do things they didn't realise they could. Whether that be a long pass with their weak foot or performing a complicated skill. The light bulb moment that all educators love is seen so often when an expert coach can work with a player to improve their game on a one to one basis.

4. Increased fitness

With over a third of young people leaving primary school classed as either overweight or obese, a one to one session is a fun way of keeping fit. Private sessions should focus not only on the technical details but also the fitness side of the game. Fitness is a very important part of the game especially as players get older; it can separate one player from the rest.

5. Embedding a growth mindset approach to learning

With the amount of times a player will make a mistake in an hours session they will become used to the idea of mistakes being a part of their progression. Whether it be in football or life, the idea of accepting failure to improve yourself is a valuable approach which can improve the ability to learn.

Interested in booking a private football coaching session?

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