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Helping Children Catch Up With Missed Learning With Active Maths

As we know, physical activity has fantastic benefits both mentally and physically. Now, it is also an effective tool to make maths more fun! We are now working with an Active Maths Programme to help your children access maths whilst moving.

This programme will be implemented in your school in one of three ways that will help you support individuals who have been identified as those who specifically need to catch up on their Maths after six months without formal schooling. Our aim is to help to support the most affected learners and to allow your school to raise achievement within Maths across all years.

How Does The Active Maths Provision Work?

1. One to One

We will work on an individual basis giving children really high energy sessions and personal support to help them enjoy movement and maths. These sessions would be 20-30 minutes long and will combine a maths topic alongside a fun game. Our coaches will work alongside the school teacher to ensure we are developing each child at their own pace and to ensure that we are really tailoring every session to support the individual learner.

Children chosen for these sessions are likely to be those have struggled to access home learning during the lockdown months and will have shown a clear regression in attainment and interest in Maths.

2. Small Group Sessions

These sessions could focus on either children who are excelling in Maths or those that need an extra boost. We would expect to see 4-8 children per session for around 20-30 minutes. The children will be able to work in fun small games whilst building up their Mathematics Skills at the same time.

Working in smaller groups will help children who are at similar levels to be challenged effectively as a group. Having more children in the session allows us to run more competitive maths games which are likely to increase the children's motivation towards the activities.

3. Class Sessions

Involving the whole class, this might become that Maths lesson which pupils just can't wait for each week. We know a number of learners learn through "doing" and so by being able to incorporate physical activity into the school's maths classes we expect to see children working in teams to solve problems.

Half Price For The First 3 Schools

Our Active Maths classes are currently being trialled and we would love to help your school to develop your maths provision. We are offering our Active Maths programme at half price. This will include two hours of teaching in the morning for £50 per session. We are confident in our programme but would love to work with schools who are willing to trial the programme with us before we expand further and can't wait to hear your thoughts on the Active Maths lessons!

Please Note: Sessions must be held in the mornings to take advantage of the 50% off offer.

Funding Available

Both the PE and Sport Premium and the COVID Catch Up Fund are eligible to use towards funding these classes. Click the buttons below to find out more about each of these funds.

Interested In Finding Out More?

We would love to help you to get Active Maths introduced in your school and would be happy to chat about how we can support this in your school.

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