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Bubble Up! An unforgettable Bubble Football party experience

uSports have delivered many birthday parties in Reading and the surrounding areas since our establishment in 2017. We have loved being a part of the memories and celebrations of our young sport enthusiasts and we thought to ourselves, how can we provide even more fun and excitement to this experience?

Our answer, Bubble Football!

Bubble Football is a brilliant option for parties as you do not need to be good at football to have a great time, each child just needs to be ready and raring to go and give it a try! It is an option which is bound to be full of laughs and giggles.

Not only is it fun, but it is also a great form of exercise. Birthday's are invariably associated with cakes, sweets and party food. While we all love to enjoy these treats, at uSports one of our paramount aims is to promote a healthy lifestyle. By offering Bubble Football parties we are providing an opportunity for young people to engage in physical exertion in a fun and accessible manner. Our parties are organised so that players switch around and have some time watching and some playing as it is a tiring activity, which we feel we efficiently manage to ensure that anyone could take part and not be pushed too far.

If you think your child would enjoy a party which can offer as much as Bubble Football can, then please do get in contact with us and have a look on our website for some more information!

Alternatively we also have a range of other party options available which can be seen on our website.

In advance, we wish your child a very Happy Birthday and hope to celebrate with them at one of our Bubble Football parties!


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