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Did Someone Say Party? uSports Birthday Parties

uSports deliver a range of sports based birthday parties in Reading and the surrounding areas across Berkshire. Our party programme has been a key area for development this academic year at uSports as a part of our growth and development plan.

What has the uSports Party Programme Development involved?

  • Website restructuring

  • New online enquiry form

  • Introduced 4 new party themes

  • New party flyers

  • More and more enquiries! We now receive around 9 party enquiries each week so make sure to contact us with plenty of notice to secure the party date of your choosing.

  • New mailing campaign with a £10 off discount code - Join our mailing list to receive this promotion!

Our New Party Website Structure Explained

Our party web-pages now each follow a consistent and personalised selection process to make the party booking process as simple as possible.


Here you can find out more about what is involved with each party option including examples of activities which may be included in your party. This is where you can also find out the appropriate age range for each party theme.

The Current uSports Parties are:

  • Football

  • Dodgeball

  • Nerf Gun

  • Bubble Football

  • Soft Archery

  • Toddler

  • Multi-Sports (A chance to really make the party yours with a choice of 2 or 3 sports!)

Every party theme can be tailored to your own needs, just speak with our admin team or coach on the day to personalise your party!


This is where you can decide what will be included in your party. Each of our party packages are priced depending on the amount of time the coaches will be leading a session and any additional add-on's such as medals, trophies, invites, etc.

We think it is important to share with you from the start the costs of our party packages. All to often when making bookings and enquiries it feels like a hunt to find an indication of how much you will be spending! We therefore are entirely transparent on our pricing and share them all with you from the outset.


Choosing the right venue is just as important as choosing the right activity for your party. You want to be confident that the venue will be secured and simple to use/arrange. uSports currently have two recommended venues.

  • Aldryngton Primary School

  • Woodford Park Leisure Centre

If you choose a uSports recommended venue we will arrange the booking for you and you can just sit back. We will then add the venue cost to your party invoice and you will pay it all together, easy as that!

We are currently focusing on finding more venues to partner with to provide you all with more and more options.

If there is a different location where you would like to hold your party then that isn't a problem. We will be able to confirm with you if your independent venue is appropriate for the party requirements and our coach will then meet you there on the day!


We have recently updated our bookings enquiry form to make the process streamlined from start to finish. You will be able to make a selection for the previous 3 points in this post as well as a few extra details.

Here we will explain in a little more detail how to fill out the form if you are unsure!

Your Name, Email and Phone - So we can get in touch!

Child's Age - To make sure we know exactly how to tailor your party.

CHOOSE - Follow our web page process to make your selections (If you have your own venue please tell us under 'location of independent venue'

CHOOSE AN ADD ON - We are also beginning to partner with other party providers who we can put you in contact with to add something extra to your party. Just let us know if you are interested.

CHOOSE A DATE - Here you can select a date for your party. If you are not 100% sure don't worry, just put an estimate and we will discuss the final date with you.

CHOOSE A TIME - Give us an idea what time you would like your party to be, if you aren't sure don't worry you can leave this blank.


Our admin team will get in touch with you after you have made an enquiry and will help you to arrange the party from start to finish. The last few points to be aware of will be:


You will be emailed an invoice for your party which will act as your confirmation. You will need to pay 50% of the invoice amount on receipt to confirm your party and the final 50% the week before your party.


Our coach will arrive 15 minutes prior to the party start time to set up and will then deliver the agreed party package/theme.


If you want anything specific on the day, e.g. a certain football game, then just let your coach know on the day!


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