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Getting Your Toddlers Dancing With Toddler Dance Classes 💃🏽

How Our Toddler Dance Sessions Can Help Your Child Develop & Grow

At uSports we aim to provide children with the opportunity to experience a variety of sports at a young age, including dance! Dance can often be overlooked as a sport along with the benefits that come with it. Our new Toddler Sessions in Woodley and Caversham offer a wide range of activities and dance styles to help children develop new skills in both dance and life.

How Can Toddler Dance Sessions Benefit Your Child?

Dance is a creative based learning experience, developing a child's self expression with the aid of imagination, music and dance. Dance also helps develop and nurture other positive life skills that will help your young child in the next stages of their life. These can include social and communication skills, cognitive development, spatial awareness and improved physical ability.

What Do Our Toddler Sessions Include?

The sessions are based mostly around imagination and storytelling to help keep the children engaged. We travel to different places through imaginative play where they will use props and music to express their creativity. The classes will begin to introduce basic ballet techniques to improve cognition and balance as well as street dance moves to improve fluidity and body awareness.

Skills we focus on can be transferred to their EYFS classes in the future:

- Skips

- Gallops

- Knee bounces

- Jumps

- Hops

- Balancing

Expectations For Your Toddler & You

Of course the benefits your toddler gains and the fun they can have in a toddler dance session sound great but we also need to help each child progress at their own speed. Dance is about perseverance and requires practice to see improvement. These sessions are designed to be fun! But if you do want your child to take dance up in the future then regular attendance will help with progression. In Toddler sessions we focus mainly on imagination and exploration, this is for the parents too, we encourage you to both take part with the child but to also encourage them to work independently or with other students.

It is so important to us at uSports that we give children the opportunity to try different sports and Toddler dance is a fantastic way to do this. All our sessions are packed with fun and imagination for you and your child to enjoy together. There are also opportunities for older children to join in our dance sessions, you can view our classes following the links below.

To Book Our Toddler Dance Classes...

You can book onto our Woodley & Caversham Toddler Dance classes via the links below.

You can book on for a single free trial session where your child can come down and try out the class and you can then book your reserved space once you are sure your child loves the session!

Plus, if you know there are any dates which you won't be able to attend please contact our office team on who will be able to remove the price of these sessions from your booking!


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