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How Caversham Waitrose's Support Transformed Thameside Multi-Sports Camp

Summer is a season of boundless possibilities, and for children in Caversham, this summer was a time of incredible growth, fun, and transformation, all thanks to the generous support of Waitrose Caversham and Reading Borough Council. Through the council we are provided with free spaces to children so they can attend our camps. Without the councils support, many children won't be able to receive the opportunities to try new sports. With thanks to Waitrose Caversham, we were able to offer some bonus spaces at Thameside camp over the holidays. Our multi-sports summer camp, hosted at Thameside Primary School, came alive with excitement and learning, offering more opportunities for children to shine and thrive.

Extending HAF Provision: Thameside Primary School

The Holiday activities and Food (HAF) programme is a beacon of hope for many families during the summer break, and this year, thank

s to Waitrose Caversham's £800 funding, we could take our camp at Thameside Primary School to a whole new level. This was an opportunity to empower children through the joy of sports, teamwork, and creativity.

Reading Borough Council's Crucial Role

In collaboration with Reading Borough Council, we were able to allocate 16 free days of camp spaces to children on pupil premium. This partnership was essential in ensuring that every child, regardless of their background, could access our multi-sports summer camp at Thameside Primary School.

10 Extra Spaces Per Day, Courtesy of Waitrose Caversham

Waitrose Caversham's generous funding allowed us to open up 10 additional spaces per day for all eligible HAF programme participants at Thameside Primary School. These extra spots were a golden opportunity for children to experience a wide range of sports, forge friendships, and make cherished memories.

Incredible Demand and Enthusiasm at Thameside Primary School

When we announced these additional spaces at Thameside Primary School, the response was overwhelming. We divided the openings into two waves, releasing 5 spaces in the morning and 5 in the evening, and both batches filled up within a mere 5 minutes each time! The eagerness of parents and children was palpable.

Parents' Gratitude and Thameside's Vibrant Atmosphere

Thameside Primary School was the perfect venue for our multi-sports camp,

providing a safe and welcoming space for children to thrive. Parents expressed their deep gratitude, sharing how appreciative they were that their children could attend more days of

camp at this fantastic venue. They were thrilled with the incredible experiences their children had, both inside the camp and within Thameside Primary School's vibrant atmosphere.

Building Bright Futures Together at Thameside Primary School

The summer of 2023 has been an exceptional season of growth, fun, and transformation for the children of Reading, all set against the backdrop of Thameside Primary School. Waitrose Caversham's support and the collaboration with Reading Borough Council have created

an atmosphere where children can flourish, learn, and create lifelong memories.

Join the uSports Family at Thameside Primary School

If you missed out this summer, don't worry – our multi-sports summer camp at Thameside Primary School will return, bigger and better than ever.

Thank you, Waitrose Caversham, for making it all possible!


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