How to book onto uSports Summer 2020 Holiday Camps | Football Plus

If you are having any trouble booking onto one of our small groups of 15 this summer or just want a little more information, then read through this post for some tips and guidance!

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Here you will be able to find lots of specific information about our camps:

  • Days offered: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday's

  • Different groups available

  • Prices

  • Location details

  • FAQs

Read The Operational Protocol

This can be accessed via our website by clicking the PDF icon. It will give you lots of specific information about how we will be safely running our camp.

There are also a few things in there for you to bare in mind when sending your child to our camp such as our right to refuse any children who are unable to follow the social distancing practices at the camp.

Choosing The Right Group

Once you are sure that you are happy with the camp for your child it will be time to choose the right group. Our groups are now split according to age and you will need to remain in this book throughout the summer for any subsequent bookings. E.g. if you book onto Group 1 for the first week and then later in the summer decide to book some more sessions, you will need to book into Group 1 again. Please note, if your Group is fully booked you will not be able to book on to other groups at a later date so make sure to book all sessions you wish to attend to avoid missing out.

The ages for our groups apply to current Year groups. Have a look at the breakdown below to check which group your child should join:


Current Year Group: Year 1 and 2

Year Group in September: Year 2 and 3


Current Year Group: Year 3 and 4

Year Group in September: Year 4 and 5


Current Year Group: Year 5 and 6

Year Group in September: Year 6 and 7