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How to start a sports coaching business... And why you shouldn't!

So you've seen the opportunity which the sports coaching industry currently has and you think you have the potential to make it work. Well, you probably do. I managed to do it with little to no experience of running a business, just a passion to deliver high quality sports coaching to children local to me. But, it's tough...

It's a real roller coaster running your own business. In one day you will feel every type of emotion from dispair to elation. You will be looking at your bank balance wondering what to do with all that cash and another day be looking under the cushions to find that last bit of cash for a tax bill that no one told you about... Honestly, the sector itself is great. School's will always pay you, the opportunity to do what you love is great and you have the chance to build a team of passionate coaches. But what if I told you that there was a way that you can do all of this without the headache of running your own business?

How? By becoming a partner with uSports.

As a partner you will be rewarded for the work which you put in. The more you bring in, the more success you see, the more money you make. The only difference is that you don't have to worry about the headache tasks...

  • Managing payroll

  • Corporation Tax

  • National Insurance

  • Business Insurance

  • Building systems

  • Contracts

  • HR

  • Website building

  • Designing marketing material

  • Plus all the other boring stuff!

You just have 3 responsibilities... 1. Run your area following our systems
2. Build a great team and deliver high quality sessions
3. Grow the provision in your area

It's a completely unique opportunity which means you don't have to start a sports coaching business yourself but you get all the benefits of growing your area under a recognised, well established brand.

To find out more about this opportunity click here But if setting up on your own is still for you and you really want to know how to start a business for yourself, here is a quick 10 point list to get you started.

  1. Make a name, logo and brand

  2. Design a website

  3. Register your business with HMRC

  4. Get a bookkeeper and an accountant

  5. Get a business bank account

  6. Partner with a booking company (we use ClassForKids)

  7. Create marketing material to attract new customers (flyers, videos, social profiles and banners)

  8. Get some sessions scheduled in

  9. Make sure you get paid for those sessions

  10. Build enough sessions that you need to recruit to deliver them all

If you do this, you need to fully commit, back yourself and still hope that you get some luck on the way up... Honestly, it's just so much easier and more rewarding to become a partner where you can focus on what you are good at and allow us to manage the rest! If this sounds like something for you, head over to the partners section of our website and fill out a discovery call form once you have read up more on the offer.


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