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How We Grew Our Sports Coaching Company Across Berkshire & Buckinghamshire

uSports began delivering school sports coaching in November 2017 and in that time our business has grown from supporting just a few schools to now supporting around 60 schools and nurseries for sports coaching provision. We operate our sports coaching provision across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and the surrounding areas with schools in Reading, Wokingham, Slough, Newbury and Windsor to name just a few locations!

So Firstly, What Do We Do?

uSports specialises in school sports coaching, including PPA cover, active lunchtime clubs, after school clubs and teacher CPD. We also operate holiday clubs in Reading and the surrounding areas, with both football camps and multi-sports camps. Alongside our school sports coaching and holiday camps we also offer nursery sessions, toddler classes and football coaching sessions.

How Did We Get Where We Are Today?

uSports began it's school sports coaching journey from Reading including schools in Earley and other local areas. Over the past few years, we have continued to grow and are now proud to be supporting a far larger number of schools to allow us to work towards our philosophy of providing as many children as possible the opportunity to have a positive experience with a variety of sports at a young age.

So how exactly did we begin delivering PPA cover, lunchtime clubs, after school clubs and more to hundreds if not thousands of children a week? To put it simply - a lot of hard work! The business began with just Charlie and a few bags of sports equipment. There was no marketing team, no finance department and it at least to begin with was just one person. Soon with more school contracts, the coaching team began to grow and with that over time so too did the management team. By continually pushing to provide more and more opportunities for young people, that is exactly how we have grown. We now have a growing mentoring programme to ensure that our coaches are providing the best service as long as a whole team of individuals working to coordinate our entire schools and community programme!

How Can We Help Your School or Nursery To Provide More Young People With A Positive Experience With Sport?

If your school or nursery is within reach of our sports coaching provision in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Ealing and beyond we would love to hear from you! Below are a few ways that we could help your school or nursery to get students active and to help them to fall in love with sport.

Active Early Years

It is never too soon to start on your sporting journey! That is why our nursery and pre-school sports sessions are a real pleasure to deliver to young children in settings across our local area. These sessions will provide young children with core Agility, Balance & Coordination skills in a fun and engaging environment.

PPA Cover & PE Lessons

We deliver PE lessons across our entire area from Reading to Wokingham to Northolt and everywhere in-between! PPA cover is an essential part of the school day so why not utilise this time for your young people by using our experienced sports coaches to deliver enriching and engaging PE lessons?

Teacher CPD

A fantastic way to use your PE and Sport Premium funding by creating a legacy in your local area of an elevated importance on sport and physical education in your setting. Teachers will be able to apply their learning for years to come in your school!

Active Lunchtime Clubs

Another great way to utilise your PE and Sport Premium funding by encouraging more young people to get involved in sport in a relaxed and welcoming way. This also provides supervision at lunch times for your students so why not partner this up with fun and interactive games too!

After School Clubs / Extra-Curricular Clubs

We offer a wide array of after school and before school clubs in schools to provide children with new experiences and opportunities to get inspired to try new things and develop new skills all while having fun with their peers!

This is not an exhaustive list and we offer so much more too! Being able to provide PE lessons, lunchtime clubs, teacher CPD and everything else across our area range starting from Reading and branching all the way to Maidenhead, High Wycombe and more is a real priviledge and we are very proud to operate across the area which we do.

Will we be able to add your school or nursery to our partnered organisations list soon? We do hope so! Get in contact via our website to do just that 💙


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