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Join Our Biggest Ever Summer: Unforgettable Fun at uSports Holiday Camps

As the summer sun tries to shine through, uSports is thrilled to announce our biggest summer yet! With a staggering 600 children already booked to attend one of our football or multi-sports camps, we expect this summer to be our biggest yet! Across these 600 children we already have a total of 3000 separate bookings and if bookings continue at the same rate as they did last summer, we anticipate an incredible 18,000 bookings throughout the holidays. This growth is something which we are immensely proud and humbled by. In this post, we will explore how uSports has grown, what you can expect from our camps, and all the necessary details to be a part of our exciting summer adventure.

Camps To Suit Everyone: We offer four types of camps, each designed to cater to different interests and age groups.

  1. Multi-Sports: Our multi-sports camps provide a diverse range of activities, offering children the chance to explore various sports and develop their athletic skills. From basketball and cricket to tennis and athletics, participants engage in a mix of exciting games and challenges.

  2. Football (Mixed): For young football enthusiasts, our mixed football camps provide an immersive experience focused on improving skills, teamwork, and a passion for the beautiful game. Led by qualified coaches, these camps offer a balance of skill-building exercises and friendly matches with one additional 'plus' sport each day alongside the main football programme of activities.

  3. Girls Football: Our girls football camps aim to empower young girls to pursue their love for the sport. These camps foster a supportive and inclusive environment, nurturing the players' confidence and skills while promoting camaraderie among female athletes.

  4. Teen Football: Tailored specifically for teenagers, our teen football camps cater to the unique needs and interests of older players. These shorter camps offer more advanced training, tactical understanding, and opportunities for friendly competition.

Expanding and Improving: To accommodate the increasing demand for our camps, we have made some big changes!

  1. More Coaches: We have grown our coaching team, allowing us to offer more camps while maintaining the same high standards of service.

  2. More Schools: We have partnered with more schools during term time which has resulted in in additional venues, greater convenience and accessibility for parents, and more ways to help us spread the word!

  3. Building Trust and Reputation: Through our commitment to excellence and positive feedback from satisfied parents, our camps have become highly recommended within the local community.

  4. Word-of-Mouth Recommendations: The support and recommendations from parents who have experienced the quality of our camps have been instrumental in our growth.

  5. Evolving Marketing Strategies: We have been continually refining our marketing efforts, learning from past experiences and adapting to the evolving landscape. Have you spotted more reels from us lately?

  6. HAF Programme: Our involvement in the Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) program has allowed us to reach a wider audience and offer our camps to children from more backgrounds.

  7. Community Team Investment: To support our growing operations, we have invested in expanding our community team. With additional administrators, we can ensure seamless camp registration, efficient communication, and an overall enhanced experience for parents and children alike.

Where can you find your nearest camp: With holiday clubs across Berkshire & Bristol there are plenty to choose from!

  • Bracknell Football Holiday Camp @ Garth Hill College 3G

  • Bracknell Girls Football Holiday Camp @ Garth Hill College 3G

  • Bracknell Sports Holiday Camp @ Garth Hill College 3G

  • Bracknell Teens Football Holiday Camp @ Garth Hill College 3G

  • Burghfield Sports Holiday Camp @ Garland Junior School

  • Caversham Football Holiday Camp @ Thameside Primary School

  • Caversham Sports Holiday Camp @ Thameside Primary School

  • Earley Sports Holiday Camp @ Maiden Erlegh School

  • Maidenhead Sports Holiday Camp @ Furze Platt Leisure Centre

  • Slough Sports Holiday Camp @ Claycots School (Britwell)

  • Spencers Wood Football Holiday Camp @ Lambs Lane Primary School

  • Spencers Wood Sports Holiday Camp @ Lambs Lane Primary School

  • Twyford Football Holiday Camp @ The Piggott School 3G

  • Twyford Girls Football Holiday Camp @ The Piggott School 3G

  • Twyford Teens Football Holiday Camp @ The Piggott School 3G

  • Whitley Sports Holiday Camp @ Geoffrey Field Junior School

  • Windsor Sports Holiday Camp @ Hilltop First School

  • Wokingham Football Holiday Camp @ Westende Junior School

  • Wokingham Sports Holiday Camp @ Westende Junior School

  • Woodley Football Holiday Camp @ Woodford Park 3G

  • Woodley Sports Holiday Camp @ South Lake Primary School

  • Iron Acton Football Holiday Camp @ Iron Acton Primary School

  • Iron Acton Sports Holiday Camp @ Iron Acton Primary School

  • Stoke Gifford Football Holiday Camp @ Little Stoke Primary School

  • Stoke Gifford Sports Holiday Camp @ Little Stoke Primary School

As uSports gears up for our biggest summer ever, we invite children from all backgrounds and abilities to join us for an unforgettable experience. With our expanded team, fantastic coaching, and commitment to creating a positive and nurturing environment, we are excited to welcome more participants than ever before. Secure your child's spot at one of our camps and don't miss out on this opportunity to make summer 2023 a truly memorable one!


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