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Our Sports Coaching Company in Reading Gives back to Local School

We have been so fortunate to work with so many different schools across the Thames Valley in the last 5 years. One of these schools who we have had the privilege to work with is South Lake Primary School in Woodley, Reading. South Lake have helped uSports continue to grow by offering after school clubs and using us to deliver one to one support to their children. With all of the support which South Lake has given us, we wanted to give back.

We did so by donating £300 worth of football goals to the school. These goals will be used in PE Lessons, for inter school competitions and after school clubs. With budget always on a school's mind, we hope that this donation will help more and more children to have a positive experience in sport because we all know there is nothing like hitting the back of a net! Here is what a few of the kids said...

"Wow, thanks Charlie!" - Finley

"That's really kind Charlie, yay!!" - Riley

As a child, I remember how much of a difference it made being able to shoot in a goal compared to a set of cones! As the business continues to grow I would like to give back more and more where possible and this seemed like a great opportunity. We gave in total 4 goals that we have been hoarding in the office for way too long collecting dust, so it made sense to put them to good use! Still in great nick, the goals will be an asset to South Lake for years to come!


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