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Sport, Sport, Sport! Getting the most out of half term next week.

With only a few days left until the half term break, I am sure that many of you are trying to think of ways to make sure that your child gets the most out of their week away from school as they can. We are running a number of holiday camps in Reading and Bracknell this break.

Our Sports Camp at Maiden Erlegh School, in Earley, has grown since beginning in Easter 2019. We have seen double the amount of bookings for this May Half Term and with the sun looking like it is going to be shining for us it is guaranteed to be a great day! If the weather does not hold out, we have access to a large sports hall as well so it will be fun whatever the weather! We have also ensured that we have secured quality staff, who many of your children may be familiar with already through our After School Clubs and previous camps.

Our days are structured and organised to include a great range of different sports using quality equipment to provide some great opportunities. There are so many benefits to engaging in a variety of sports as young people are able to develop and accumulate a broad range of skills, both physically and psychologically. We are able to promote a healthy level of competition, while ultimately remaining focused on fun, as well as team work, problem solving and confidence. While growing in this sense, children will also be developing their physical ability to play numerous sports and this may just provide a spark for their new favourite activity!

We hope to see some of you next week at our Earley Sports Camp in Reading, or perhaps at one of our Football Camps at Woodley or Bracknell!

Spaces Still Available, Book Today!


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