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Coaching During COVID - How We Trained Our Staff About The Changes To School Sports Coaching

What are the first thoughts that come to your head when you think of a staff training day? Boring? Too much information? Well not here at uSports! We held our staff training day at Woodford Park on a lovely sunny afternoon with our team of committed and motivated coaches!

We all share a common interest; we want to develop safe, enjoyable sessions that children are going to enjoy whilst we continue to deal with COVID. - Charlie Hiscox, Director

Starting off with a game of COVID bingo, we were pleased to see the small groups battle it out for the bingo crown! Within this game, we were able to start introducing ideas about the new expectations that coaches will be asked to meet. For example, cleaning all equipment before use and understanding the procedures if a child shows symptoms of COVID-19.

The Power Of A High 5 Is No More

Anyone that has seen me coach will know how passionate I am about the power of a High 5. I have seen children's faces light up after a high 5, but we must move with the times.

Our coaches were given an incredible demonstration by our Head Coach/Head of Early Years, Isaac. Isaac showed everyone a a game of skittle wars, creating such excitement with his voice whilst coaches battled it out to be the first team to knock over 4 skittles!

Working in bubbles

As coaches in schools, we will find ourselves working inside a "bubble". It is important that coaches understand what is expected of them and the type of games which they will be able to play in these bubbles. Head Coach and Recruitment Assistant, Owen, was more than happy to step up to give another fantastic demonstration on how this might look in a school. Owen demonstrated "Dodge It" which is a simple to play game which lead to some great points scored from both sides!

So, what did the coaches learn?

From the staff training day, we came away knowing that coaches were more confident understanding their responsibilities as a sports coach during the pandemic. We have a very important role to play in helping children become more active and we are so pleased to have such a dynamic team of coaches working alongside us to put this into action.

Get in contact!

Thank you for taking the time to read more about our workshop. If you would be interested in our school coaching provision, please have a look through our recently updated webpage here:


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