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THE BIG FOUR - The Main Sports uSports Will Be Working On After Lockdown

Although we still have no definite answer yet as to when the schools will return, we do know that this will be done gradually with a strong emphasis on keeping children safe. The opportunity for transmission in sports is a reality that uSports are working to reduce whilst ensuring children still get the benefits of Physical Education.

We have identified four sports that are able to be delivered whilst keeping children socially distant and therefore reducing the risk of transmission. They are...

  • Athletics

  • Football

  • Dance

  • Fitness


Normally, football is a contact sport but we have designed sessions that still allow children to develop the technical part of their game as well as working in competitive games which allow children to remain socially distant. For example, games like piggy in the middle will allow children to work on their touch, movement into space and ball control all without requiring someone to stand near to them.

Although football does require the ball, we will ask all children not to use their hands at all in the sessions and that way the only contact is with the foot. Footballs will also be cleaned regularly.

Athletics, Dance and Fitness

All three of these are easily adapted to become individual sports as opposed to group activities. By keeping children in their own spaces, these sports allow for children to learn as well as to exercise in a fun and safe way.

These three sports also require no equipment and can be delivered outside in an open area, which is now being referenced in the recent guidance given out to schools to try and keep children outdoors as much as possible.

Our COVID Specific Lesson Plans

With specialised plans adapted to allow children to take part in sports whilst following government guidelines, we hope to be able to provide children with a safe way to access to physical exercise alongside their peers. We have planned and adapted a wide range of games to make sure that they are varied, educational and safe.

Why These Sports?

Having looked through a number of different sports, we needed activities that don't require much equipment, would work outside and did not involve equipment coming into contact with multiple children in one session.

We can't wait to be back!

With so much time away from teaching we are itching to get back! The online lessons are great but nothing beats leading a group of children in person!


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