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The Return Of The Woodley Carnival Schools Football Tournament with uSports

A week on from the return of the Woodley Carnival School Football Tournament (& the very first run by uSports) we are still buzzing from the excitement!

Sport has played a massive part in my life and career. Growing up, I remember the buzz and excitement of the Woodley Carnival Football Tournament when I attended myself and attending is one of my standout childhood sporting memories. Terry Gregory, former Deputy Headteacher at Aldryngton Primary School, took me to the tournament all those years ago so I couldn't wait to let Terry know that I was bringing it back. Terry came down to the tournament in the morning to see how we were getting on and to be able to stand back and watch all the children in their matches from the other side I think is going to be one of my proudest & most significant memories of uSports.

This is why I was so incredibly proud to not only be a headline sponsor at this year's carnival but to bring back the Woodley Carnival Schools Football Tournament with the support of the Carnival Committee!

The uSports philosophy aims to provide as many children as possible with the opportunity to have a positive experience with sport. The Woodley Carnival Schools Football Tournament has allowed us to do just this by inviting schools across Woodley and the surrounding local areas to come down to Woodford Park for a fun and friendly tournament.

Watch Our Carnival Football Tournament Content On YouTube!

Plus View Pictures From The Day On Our Facebook Page!

Tournament Day

I don't think I am just being biased in saying that the tournament was a massive success. The tournament ran smoothly and most importantly, looking around at the teams - there were so many children having a great time & a positive experience with sport!

We were so pleased with the number of school football teams who joined us for our very first year as organisers of the tournament. We hope to see even more individual schools joining next year and we also hope to have a fully booked Girls Tournament next year. We were joined by 14 Girls Football Teams & 24 Boys Football Tournaments from...

  • Bearwood Primary School | Winnersh

  • Crazies Hill Primary School | Wargrave

  • Gorse Ride Junior School | Finchampstead, Wokingham

  • Nine Mile Ride Primary School | Finchampstead, Wokingham

  • Polehampton Junior School | Twyford

  • Radstock Primary School | Earley

  • Redlands Primary School | Reading

  • Rivermead Primary School | Woodley

  • Robert Piggott Junior School | Charvil

  • South Lake Primary School | Woodley

  • St John's Primary School | Reading

  • St Mary & All Saint's Primary School | Reading

  • St Paul's Junior School | Wokingham

  • The Coombes | Arborfield

  • Willow Bank Junior School | Woodley

  • Woodley CofE Primary School | Woodley

  • Wycombe Prep School | High Wycombe

Every team put in a fantastic effort on the day and you can see the full results from every match via this link:

Proudly awarded by Juliet Anderson, Mayor of Woodley, the Woodley Carnival Football Tournament Trophy for 2024 was awarded for BOTH the Boys & Girls to St Paul's Junior School

As well as a winner directly from the tournament match results, we also were proud to award another school with the uSports 'Putting You First' Award for 2024. The 'Putting You First' was awarded to the team who best embodied the following uSports philosophies:

  • Putting You First: This means prioritising a positive and inclusive experience for all participants.

  • Providing Opportunity: We exist to ensure as many children as possible have a chance to enjoy a variety of sports at a young age.

Included in the Prize Bundle:

  • One-Day Workshop Event: A full day workshop for students in one chosen sport.

  • Twilight CPD Session: An evening teacher training session focused on chosen sport.

  • Sports Equipment: A selection of equipment specifically suited to the chosen sport to keep at the school.

It was an incredibly hard decision to make with so many positive moments to be seen on the day but the winner of the Putting You First prize was... Polehampton Junior School! This school demonstrated fantastic sportsmanship all day and we look forward to helping this school to elevate the delivery of sport with their prize bundle!

I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who helped to make the tournament what it was, so thank you too:

  • Matt Jacobs & Peter Jacobs from the Woodley Carnival Committee for supporting uSports to put together the tournament

  • Mayor of Woodley, Juliet Anderson, for attending the event & trophy presentation

  • Ed Whitesmith at Woodford Park for allowing us to use the facilities for the day

  • uSports Piggott Coaching Academy students for being our referees on the day

  • Glyn Dalfsen (uSports Coach) & Claire for catering the event with Claire's Cafe

  • Every parent, friend & relative who came down to support on the day

  • Every school who put in so much work to allow their students to attend

  • Every player who gave it their all on the day

  • And of course, the uSports team who not only supported the tournament on the day but who put in so much work to make the event what it was with a particular shout out to Kat who coordinated the event!

Carnival Headline Sponsor

The fun wasn't over after the end of the tournament as we still had the excitement of being a headline sponsor on the day of the Woodley Carnival the next day! Steph & I were joined by lots of the senior team at uSports to run our soft archery stall at the carnival and to take in the buzz of the day. It must have been one of the busiest Woodley Carnivals that I can remember for a long time! The work which went into organising this event from the Carnival committee was astounding and to be a part of the event was a real privilege. It was even better to be able to chat to lots of children on Saturday who had been part of the tournament the day before and to hear their highlights from the day!

So, will we see your school at the Woodley Carnival Schools Football Tournament with uSports next year? We are just in the process of confirming our return so express your interest now to secure your spot for next year!


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