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Toddler Football: Supporting your child's early development in accordance with EYFS

The early years of a child's life are so significant for their life-long development. At uSports we believe that our toddler football sessions are a key opportunity to support children in this early journey. We have recently begun these sessions in Woodley to involve this younger audience and have seen numbers grow significantly in the first term. The sessions are focused on football but can give the players so much more than development in just one sport. We believe that these sessions are well aligned to the current EYFS framework.

This framework focuses on developing children to become:

A strong child

A skilful communicator

A competent learner

A healthy child

So how do our sessions help children to follow the EYFS framework?

A Strong Child

Our little players are constantly strengthening themselves, both mentally and physically. The physical exercise develops balance, agility and fitness. But alongside this, children are also becoming mentally stronger as they are working with others and learning resilience as a consequence. It is so important for your young players to become strong children as you prepare them to start nursery and school in the future; helping you to ensure that they are ready for these adventures.

A Skilful Communicator

Football is all about teamwork and communication; so why not introduce this to our youngest players too. Children will be developing their listening and communication skills in these sessions as they need to follow instructions and be able to make themselves understood. Being able to take part in such activities will undoubtedly help children to communicate with their peers as they grow.

A Competent Learner

With our class sizes kept small to ensure that every child receives the support and attention they deserve, they are opened up to a safe and secure learning environment. At uSports we are all about celebrating the achievements of all. Be this with our teenagers showing excellent understanding of game tactics; or all the way down to your young children in our toddler football sessions scoring their first goal! We love to give out certificates to reward progress in all of our players, whatever this may look like for the individual learner.

A Healthy Child

We want the children we coach to lead healthy lifestyles. Introducing young children to sport at a young age can vastly heighten this desire to pursue an active lifestyle. Our sessions are great for introducing children to sport as it is done in a fun and gradual manner. We are not expecting our little players to play in 11-a-side matches, we just want to see them having fun and learning as they begin to develop themselves as individuals.

How can I begin my child's sporting journey?

We offer a free taster session for our toddler football sessions. Our classes are for 2-4 year olds and we love to see first-timers as well as young budding footballers!

To find out more information visit our website by clicking here.

Or you can contact us by phone or e-mail to find out more now:

Tel: 0118 449 2641


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