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Try Our Brand New Woodley Toddler Rugby inspired by the Rugby World Cup!

Just one more day until the Rugby World Cup, Japan 2019 begins!

At uSports we have been getting into the spirit of things and are trying to encourage more and more people to get into Rugby.

How can I get my family into the Rugby spirit?

As of next week, 27th September 2019, we are introducing our brand new toddler class! On Friday Mornings we will now be running a weekly Woodley Toddler Rugby session. These sessions are designed to be fun and as a great introduction to new and diverse sports for the youngest of sporting stars! We would love to see anyone aged between 2 to 4 to come down and give it a go with our free trial, we are sure you will then be convinced that it's a great way to get involved in the Rugby hype over these 7 weeks of sporting excellence.

In addition to our toddler classes we also run Tag-Rugby in a number of our schools programmes and they are sure to be a real favourite alongside the World Cup!

We hope that you will join us in getting involved in more Rugby and will be watching along!


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