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Why would your child love a football camp in the school holidays?

Children need be active, we all know that. But do you really now how active your child is on a day to day basis at school?

Having worked in schools for over 6 years delivering sports sessions I understand just how much energy children have and how much they need to release in a day! In the school holidays it is easy for children to significantly reduce the amount of activity they are doing in a day. It is difficult for parents to keep children active every day, and if you do, well done!

Our football camps in the schoool holidays are designed for children to have fun, to improve and to be active.


We design sessions which help the children to have fun. We find the the more fun children have, the easier it is for them to make new friends, to relax and enjoy themselves. When children are nervous to visit us we will work closely with the parent to help their child feel comfortable and 99% of the time to child is running around with the rest of the kids in no time!

Ultimately, what kid would like to go to a football holiday camp and not have fun? That's why we change activities every day and only employ the most passionate coaches that have more energy than your kid (we try our best anyway!)


Our football holiday camps are not just day care where we let players play matches all day, we design the day to allow children to learn a new skill, develop their game and to feel more comfortable with the ball.

Our football holiday camp coaches specialise in football so that they are able to challenge even the best of players. Working on the player as a whole. Tactically, technically, physically and mentally. Our aim is to allow the player to show their parents a new skill they learnt that they couldn't do at the start of the day.

Can we play a match? - Every child I have ever coached

Of course we will play plenty of matches but we also like to work on players to develop them in their game.

Be active.

Children should be doing at least 1 hour of physical activity at a minimum per day. Our football camps will certainly reach that target and more but in a safe environment. Some of our sessions will require more energy than others to allow children to have rests alongside more physical sessions.

Help get your child active today by booking on to one of uSports' football camps.

We have camps running in Reading and Bracknell over the Easter, May Half Term and Summer Holidays. Watch this space!

To book your child on for one of our courses today, click here:


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