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Welcome Back Mo!

Mo is a familiar face at uSports but has been off and recovering since March this year do to a Football injury. We asked him a few questions about what happened, what he has been up to and what he looking forward to most about coming back!

Mo will be working a few sessions each day while he continues his rehabilitation to get back to full health, including our Bracknell Academy on Friday nights.

What happened?

I have been off work for some time now, due to a serious injury I sustained back in March. I had been playing in a football match and a bad challenge towards me left me with a double compound fracture. I was rushed into hospital where I had to undergo four operations to fix the problems on my ankle. I am still in the recovery period of my injury and I will be for some time to ensure that I recover back to 100% fitness.

What is your injury?

My injury is explained as a double compound fracture, I had broken both my tibia and fibula.

What have you been doing while you have been off?

I have been under a rehabilitation programme which I am doing everyday to ensure I recover in the right way without rushing my recovery process. I'm working with a great team of physiotherapists and sport performance therapists who are focused on getting me back to full fitness, without rushing me back too soon and causing further damage.

What have you missed most about coaching while you have been off?

Since my time off from coaching, I have mostly missed being a part of each child's journey through sport, helping them to see how fun it is to live a healthy, active, lifestyle. As well as working with them to improve on any aspects of sport they might struggle with, being able to see the happiness on a child's face once they achieve something they thought they couldn't do. Anyone can achieve whatever they want to do and I've always enjoyed being part of helping these achievements.

What are you most looking forward to about returning?

I'm looking forward to getting back to what I was doing, trying to see everyone I have not see in a while. I wont be a "goal scoring machine" for a while but I can get involved in some sessions and get back to putting on the most enjoyable sessions for everyone, with the aim to make them feel like they've always achieved something by the end of each session.


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