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What a uSports COVID-Safe Holiday Camp Will Look Like

Holiday Camps - a chance to have fun, keep active and interact with friends. This is what we feel a holiday camp should be all about and our COVID-safe holiday camps are no different. We still have all of these things at the front of our minds when planning our Football Plus sports camp for Summer 2020.

So, how are we going to do this? How do you keep a camp safe and fun?

We have written this post to give you a rundown of what we expect from parents and children attending our camps but also what you should expect from us.

Photo taken at a previous camp before social distancing guidelines

Football Plus - What is it?


Football will be the main focus of each day with socially distanced football games and activities where we have eliminated contact. As well as fun games, children will also be able to practice individual skills and techniques with our football coaches. Games and activities which you may see on the camp include:

  • Piggy in The Middle

  • Football Tennis

  • Football Golf

  • Shooting Practices

  • Passing Games

  • And more!


If you have ever attended one of our camps before, you will know that matches are a big part of the day. While we aren't currently able to have matches, we are still more than able to fill this time up with lots of other fun sports. Other sports may include:

  • Athletics (main additional sport with activities such as running and jumping)

  • Tennis

  • Fitness Challenges

  • And more as the guidelines change!

Drop Off and Pick Up

When you booked on to one of our groups, it will have let you know your specific start and finish time. Here are the times in case you aren't sure!

Each group is allocated a 15 minute time frame to drop off and pick up to prevent too many people congregating at the venue.

If you are late or early, we may have to ask you to wait before dropping off or picking up until other groups have finished their time slot. We will sign in children (or groups of siblings) one at a time so we ask you to please maintain social distancing while waiting to be signed in.

Where To Go

We will be running our camp from the 3G pitch at Woodford Park Leisure Centre in Woodley (RG5 4LY). You can park at the leisure centre and with the rectangular field in front of you, go to the left and you will see us in the fenced in 3G astro-turf!


We have ordered three separate portable toilets which will be cleaned twice a day professionally. Each toilet will be assigned to a group and will be used by that group only throughout the whole of Summer.

Breaks and Lunch

Each group will spend break and lunch under their own allocated gazebo. Children will be asked to wash their hands before and after eating and our coaches will remind children not to share food at any point during the day.

We plan to continue to offer a short bit of free play where children will be supervised playing their own games providing they follow social distancing rules.

Lunch is always followed with a coaches challenge such as a crossbar challenge. There will be prizes up for grabs here so children need to bring their A game!


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