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What To Do With Your Children When Schools Are Closed For Teacher Strikes

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

The first of four teacher strike days is fast approaching with the first teacher strike day due to take place on Wednesday the 1st of February!

Schools are currently busy working out their plans for the national teachers strike day and you will likely find out soon, if you haven't heard already, what will be happening at your child's school.

There are a number of scenarios which are likely to happen for schools on the day of the strike as schools are being asked to try and stay open wherever possible. So, what might happen?

  • School Partially Closed (Some year groups or certain children will be in)

  • School Fully Closed (All children will be off potentially with home learning)

  • School Open As Usual (This is the least likely scenario)

Check With Your Child's School For Opening Plans

Please check with your child's school if they will be open on Wednesday. If your child's school is open, please don't send them to our camp and send them into school as usual!

If your child's school is going to be closed and you are looking for childcare or just for something for them to do for the day then come down to our specially scheduled Woodley Football Camp!

Woodley Teacher Strike Day Football Camp

Our Football Plus camp in Woodley, Reading will be focused primarily on football skills and activities. You can expect football matches, games and skills throughout the day alongside lots of other fun sports and activities to make sure that the day is jam packed full of fun from start to finish.

  • All Teacher Strike Days

  • Woodford Park 3G Pitch, RG5 4LY

  • 9am - 3pm, drop off from 8:30am

  • £25 Full Day, 10% Sibling Discount

  • Foundation to Year 7

  • Boys & Girls aged 4 to 12 Years

UPDATE: For the latest Teacher Strike Dates we are pleased to announce a new venue in our Bristol Partner location

Stoke Gifford Teacher Strike Day Multi-Sports Camp

We will be running our Multi-Sports camp in Stoke Gifford, Bristol for the Teacher Strike Days to provide childcare for children who's schools or classes will be closed.

This camp will include a range of different sports with four different sports to experience each day. The aim of our camp is to provide your child with as many opportunities as possible to get inspired by sport and to encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

  • Woodford Park 3G Pitch, RG5 4LY

  • 9am - 3pm, drop off from 8:30am

  • £25 Full Day

  • Foundation to Year 7

  • Boys & Girls aged 4 to 12 Years


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