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Why you should be taking your child to gymnastics classes in Reading

Following the success of our Football Academy in Bracknell, uSports have recently started a Gymnastics Academy in Earley. We are now based at Maiden Erlegh school after already having to look for larger venues to offer even more from our sessions.

Why Gymnastics?

In a time of technology, social media and child obesity, it has perhaps never been so important to make sure that your kids are getting active. We think gymnastics is an ideal sport for young people to develop themselves in light of these current issues.

So, what are some of the key skills which can be developed through gymnastics?

- Balance

- Strength

- Coordination

- Confidence

Each of these skills are all highly valuable for a child's physical and emotional development and are easily transferable. Physically, the development in core strength and agility is highly beneficial in all sports. This physical benefit would help your child in such a broad range of activities from football, to horse riding, to climbing on the adventure playground at school.

Another vital benefit of gymnastics is the increase in confidence. Many children lack confidence when taking part in competitive sports. With our classes, the focus is very much on everyone being able to take part and celebrating the personal achievements of every child. With practice and dedication, gymnastics is a sport where children can see obvious progression in their own ability as they progress from forward-rolls, to handstands to backflips!

How can I get my child involved in gymnastics?

We offer a free taster session for our gymnastics academy so that you can be sure your child is happy. Our classes currently are aimed at beginners to introduce more children to this amazing sport with plans in the future to offer more advanced classes.

To find out more information visit our website by clicking here.

Or you can contact us by phone or e-mail to find out more now:

Tel: 0118 449 2641


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