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Christmas Holiday Camps - Is It Not A Time For Family?

This Christmas uSports are running six holiday camps across Berkshire. Our camps are always a fantastic opportunity for kids to get active, to have fun and to build their confidence but are the Christmas holidays not a time for family? Well yes of course! Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the festive period is a fantastic time for everyone to hit pause and to enjoy being surrounded by family and friends. We feel that our Christmas Holiday Camps will actually help your family to get even more out of the Christmas holidays together and we wanted to share with you some of our ideas as to why!

1. Routine and Structure

As I have said, Christmas is a great time to hit pause but for many children this pause can feel more like an emergency break! School signals routine, consistency and structure and for many children and families the festive period can feel rather chaotic and out of routine. While there are of course other breaks throughout the school year, the Christmas break is unique in the way that often the whole family will be at home and lots more activities and venues will be closed.

The Solution: Book your child in, if only for one or two days, over the Christmas period to add in some structured time into their Christmas break! It will allow them to get out of the house and to interact with peers in a fun environment!

2. Keeping Healthy and Active

It's no secret... we love to provide children with opportunities to get active and to lead healthy lifestyles. With plenty of food around and a break from usual exercise such as walking to school, it is important that children take as many opportunities to keep active over the festive period!

Over the Christmas break, ALL of our camps are registered under the government funded HAF (Holiday Activities and Food Programme). This programme allows children who receive pupil premium free school meals to attend our camps for free (number of days varies depending on venue) and they will also receive a healthy lunch as a part of this! The HAF camps have been a fantastic opportunity for us to provide more children with an opportunity to have a positive experience with sport and to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

The Solution: A day of sporting fun at the camps is sure to wear any child out and they will smash those recommended physical activity goals! PLUS healthy lunches available for those joining us through the HAF programme.

3. Christmas Shopping & Work

While it is great to hit pause, we cannot stop entirely over the Christmas break! Many parents will continue to have work and other responsibilities over the break so by sending your children to one of our camps you can have time to work, prepare and even to go Christmas shopping all while knowing that your children are safe and happy at one of our camps.

The Solution: I imagine you are getting the idea now... book your child onto our camps for a fun day for them and some much needed time for yourself!

4. Some Space!

Christmas is great but it can also be a lot...! Usually in the working week we have opportunities to spend time with our families but also time to work on our own jobs, tasks and interests. The festive period means a lot of time together and space is always healthy in a family dynamic!

The Solution: Allow your child to have some space outside of the home all while keeping active and having fun at the same time!

So, now that we have convinced you how great an idea it is to attend one of our Christmas Holiday Sports Camps; which one will you be booking??


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