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How can you spend your PE and Sport Premium?

With the recent confirmation from the Youth Sports Trust that the doubled premium will stay with us for the next academic year I have researched extensively in different ways that the premium should be used. We are currently working in a number of schools across Berkshire and Buckinghamshire helping them to use their funding effectively. The below image gives the 5 ways that the YST would like to see the premium being spent.

We offer a variety of coaching services which helps you to meet these guidelines:

  • Teacher CPD – We can work with teachers to improve their confidence in the delivery of PE. We will run self reviews throughout the programme which gives you evidence to OFSTED that your teachers are being upskilled. It is important that you don’t use the funding to just employ coaches to deliver the lessons. Our programme is designed to give clear evidence to OFSTED that you are supporting and training every teacher to engage them and build their confidence.

  • Embedding a curriculum – An option to save teachers time and create easy ways to plan, deliver and assess at a high level. We can provide over 800 PE lessons which can be edited to your schools needs.

  • Young Leaders Award – We are able to run leadership courses for pupils within schools including the PlayMakers award.

  • Extra-curricular clubs – We are able to run a wide variety of sports clubs at your school. We offer before school, lunchtime and after school clubs. We use an online booking system which gives a huge amount of time back to your reception team.

  • Workshop days – As part of the PE and Sport premium, schools should look at offering opportunities for their students to try new/different sports. We can run a day delivering a sport the children are unlikely to have tried before.

So why uSports?

  • If needed we can provide references from some of our other schools.

  • We pride ourselves on putting you first. We are able to work around you to create a relationship which will last for years to come.

  • We ensure that our coaches are trained up to the right levels. We put our coaches that work in PE lesson delivery and support through the Level 3 in supporting the delivery of Physical Education and School Sport (PESS level 3) as well as the Level 2 in Multi-Skills. We also have coaches qualified in gym and dance.

  • Our coaches are always on time and we aim to keep the same coaches at the same schools to build strong working relationships with the children.

Feel free to contact the experts at uSports:

tel: 0118 449 2641



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