How To Restart Extra-Curricular Sports Clubs In Your School

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Pupils are allowed to meet on the weekend with their friends and play competitive matches against children from other bubbles and other schools, so why are we hesitating to restart clubs in schools? We have been fortunate enough to have worked with a number of schools in helping them implement after school clubs into their school days and want to help you to know how to do this in a safe and controlled way.

1. Follow The National Governing Body (NGB) Advice

Every sport has it's own NGB which has outlined steps in allowing sport to resume in a safe way. The FA have published guidance in football and England Netball have for Netball for example. This is easily accessible from the NGB website and when we ensure that the suggested steps are implemented effectively, we shouldn't hesitate to allow children to play competitive sport.

2. Bubble Up Where Feasible

Each and every school will have different bubbles but, for example, by opening a "Multi-Sports Club for the Year 3 Bubble" you will help to settle parents nerves in sending their children to an extra-curricular club. That being said, bubbles might not always be big enough to run a viable club and so you may need to open up to different bubbles.

Where bubbles are mixed it is important to remember that this is what is happening on the weekends at the local football league so it is okay! Your coach or teacher should be ensuring social distancing is maintained throughout the session but they can play on the same pitch providing you follow the NGB guidance.

Extra-Curricular Clubs in Reading

3. Ask Children To Get Changed Before The Session

We recommend that pupils get changed in their classroom before the end of the day to limit the amount of time spent inside. Ideally, children would then meet the coach outside and go straight into a socially distanced arrival activity.

If this can't happen due to time constraints, we would suggest finding a large indoor area such as the hall and putting bench dividers out for each bubble to get changed on. Once everyone is changed, you can go outside to the session. By giving each bubble a bench it helps them to distance easily.

4. Keep It Clean

Hygiene is everything nowadays and that remains consistent through any sports session. Here are some of the steps we are taking to allow children to stay safe during extra curricular clubs.