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Making the most out of your PPA cover in Reading

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Working closely with schools and teachers on a daily basis, we are well aware of the difficulties which teachers face in managing their workloads. It therefore is important to us that we ensure PPA time is efficient for the pupils, teachers and all staff across the school.

So, how can we make PPA more efficient for you?

With various providers offering courses and services to cover time when the teacher is away from the class, it is difficult to know who to choose. We believe that you will feel confident in leaving your class in the hands of our coaches as all of our staff are trained in First Aid, Safeguarding and all hold a DBS. Our head coaches are all qualified to at least Level 2 in the appropriate areas.

We are always aiming to put you first in everything which we do. We want to help to develop teachers' confidence in delivering PE lessons and these PPA sessions can be combined with our CPD programme which will allow you, yourself to continue to make progression, while the pupils themselves do the same.

How can we help your pupils to progress?

Our PPA programmes have 3 key aims for your pupils:

1. Promote an interest in sport and a healthy lifestyle.

2. Ensure that pupils make relevant progress as inspired by the PE national curriculum.

3. Pupils are engaged, happy and confident.

It is easy to set up a session which can keep pupils amused for an hour to bide time. But we want to ensure that every young person we encounter is making active progression in their physical education. While it is so important for pupils to have fun in sport, we are strongly invested in the education of young people to allow them to enhance their sporting ability but also in their wider development. For example, the playmakers award which we offer promotes invaluable leadership skills through a sporting environment.

What can I do for uSports to help utilise my PPA time?

You can find further information on PPA support on our website by clicking here.

Or you can contact us by phone or e-mail to find out more now:

Tel: 0118 449 2641


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