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On A Mission To Be The UK's Largest School Sports Coaching Company

When I first started uSports, I had a bag of footballs in the back of my car doing anything I could to try and get the next after school club booked in. I had no idea that in 5 years, we would become a very well established sports coaching company that has a fantastic reputation. Looking around at the 60 strong team we have servicing over 70 primary, secondary and nursery schools I am not surprised to see the demand for uSports grow.

We are now offering nearly every sport a school could ask for and can service almost every request a school may have regarding their sports provision:

  • PE Lessons/PPA Cover

  • Extra-Curricular Clubs

  • Young Leaders

  • Active Lunchtime Clubs

  • Teacher CPD

  • School Talks from Olympic Athletes

But the success we have seen in the first five years has only given us confidence to take our business to the next level! We know that there is a high demand for reliable, specialised and committed sports coaches across the country, and people like you know how valuable sport is for young people. I genuinely believe that the culture within uSports is the reason behind our growth and our ethos of "Putting you first" has helped us bring together some of the best educators within our area.

We plan to grow into a well known school sports coaching business nationally and we plan to do this through 'uSports Partners'. We are currently recruiting Partners that will grow uSports in their area whilst being financially rewarded for the success they see. We have always believed that being in the sports coaching industry is not a reason to be capped on your income and with uSports Partners we have the confidence that uSports will always be in the hands of people that care about your children to ensure they have a positive experience with sport. You can find out more about how the Partner programme works via our website:

We appreciate that we are still only small but we also know that with the potential of the industry we work in, nothing is impossible! The enquiries we see coming in on a day to day basis show that not only our reputation proceeds us but our marketing efforts are being focused in the right places.

Growing the business we know won't be an easy task. Schools need to know that the coaching provider they use will bring trustworthy coaches that love educating young people in sport. And the larger the business gets, the harder it is to maintain the quality on the ground. That's why we believe that if we look after our Partners, our Partners will look after our customers so that any school who uses uSports knows that the quality will be where it needs to be.

Who knows, one day we might be writing a blog about "How we became the UK's largest sports coaching provider". Wish us luck! And if you want to know more about the sports coaching services which we provide to schools, click here: Or, if you are interested in becoming a Partner, click here:

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