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Private Football Sessions Are Helping To Build Children's Confidence

Providing one to one football sessions during lockdown has been something that has really allowed us to meet our mission of helping young people to have a positive experience with sports. Ranging from 4 year olds who are taking their first steps with football up to talented 16 year olds who are working hard to stay fit during lockdown.

Everyone has been affected in different ways during lockdown, however, it is common knowledge that exercise is a great way to keep feeling positive. For some of our players, we have found that our classes are the first thing they have done with a member of the public and has helped them to understand social distancing whilst playing some football.

With the detail a coach can put into a player during a private football lesson, it is common to see vast progress in just one hour. This in itself has such a positive effect mentally and physically for the participant and can really help them to feel good about their relationship with sports.

Other players are more focused towards really sharpening up their skills and using the time productively to develop their game. These players are being challenged throughout the session whilst easily maintaining social distancing measures.

What others say...

He absolutely loves his sessions with you. You really encourage him and he often lacks confidence in himself. Thank you because it’s the highlight of his week! - Parent

This child has been working with uSports for over a year and has seen dramatic improvement and has been invited to represent his school at the highest level since starting private sessions.

Highly recommended, Ben had such an amazing time, aswell as boosting his confidence and wellbeing in a outdoor safe environment. Thank you uSports and Isaac! - Parent

Ben has only just started with uSports and has since booked sessions until September. Being able to boost his confidence and wellbeing is something we are proud to have been a part of.


Are you interested in starting private sessions with a member of the uSports team?

Sessions are £35 per hour and delivered in and around Woodley, Reading.


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