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Sport In Mind and uSports Partnership - Creating More Positive Sporting Experiences

uSports are proud to announce our brand new partnership with Sport In Mind to help support more young people in our community

Sport in Mind are a UK charity who use sport and physical activity to improve the lives of people with mental health challenges. This is something which fits so well with our philosophy at uSports; to provide as many children as possible the opportunity to have a positive experience with sport. The value of sport in the lives of our children, and ourselves, is immeasurable and that is why this partnership has developed.

Find out more about Sport In Mind via their website!

Why Sport?

Discussions around mental health are growing, and rightly so. It is so important that we look after ourselves as a whole and look to keep ourselves fit both mentally and physically. As a sports coach, I have always encouraged people to get out there and be active! Sport or physical activity is a key tool in maintaining our mental health as exercise releases endorphins which make us feel good. Plus, sport can be great fun! It is a chance to interact with others, to learn new skills and to reach a sense of achievement.

What Will The Partnership Bring?

The partnership between uSports and Sport In Mind exists to support young people with their mental health challenges and we are really excited to get going with our plans to do just this. Here are just a few of the benefits you will be able to benefit from:

  • uSports coaches delivering Sport In Mind sessions for young people

  • Funded sessions for young people

  • Mental Health Training delivered by Sport In Mind for uSports coaches

  • A developing Child and Young Person programme in schools and the wider community

  • Regular Sport In Mind fundraisers run by uSports

Where Can I Find Out More?

You can find out more about Sport in Mind and how they help people in the community online as well as finding some general strategies that we can all use! Sport In Mind now have a webpage specifically aimed at how their services can help babies, children and young people so check it out!

There are tonnes of helpful strategies and information on the site, why not start by reading their 11 top tips for good mental health?!

We at uSports have also written our own top tips article which also includes an exercise video to explain these ideas to your children in a physical and interactive way.


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