What Are The 5 Attributes Of A Good Sports Coach?

Any organisation delivering sports coaching to young people should have positive coaches who are passionate about ensuring that children develop, have enjoyment and remain safe in sport. A good sports coach will recognise that no session is perfect and will constantly look to develop as an educator.

1. A Clear Philosophy

A philosophy that sets the expectations for parents, schools and young people when they come to your sessions. Every action and decision in the organisation should be made with this in mind. The coach will recognise that without understanding the impact they are wishing to make they cannot measure the success of a session.

"uSports exists to provide as many children as possible the opportunity to have a positive experience with a variety of sports at a young age. We are passionate about ensuring children develop in a fun, safe and happy environment whilst educating them not only in sports but as young people."

- uSports Philosophy

2. A Passion To Develop

Everyone knows a coach that thinks they know it all, and if you don't, it may well be you! A willingness to undertake personal and professional development will be one of the most successful attributes that a coach can have. No coach started at the top!

The resources available to us as coaches are incredible and they should be used!

  • Videos

  • Online Courses

  • Coaching courses

  • Books

  • Shadowing experienced coaches

  • Podcasts

To be able to watch a video of Pep Guardiola discuss his philosophy for example...