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Why Should I Use my Budget on Sport in my Nursery or Pre-School?

Sadly, there appears to always be a new article about the latest funding crisis in our Nurseries and Pre-Schools. At uSports, like yourselves, believe the early years of a child's life are of vital importance and it is a real shame to see Early Years Providers having to make cuts to keep running.

It can consequentially be difficult as an Early Years Provider to decide what the money should be spent on so as to make the most significant and long lasting effect on the children in your care.

So the question is Why Sport?

There are a vast array of extra-curricular or enrichment activities which you could choose to invest in within you nursery or pre-school. These may be activities which develop art, music, outdoor play or much more! These are all valuable areas of development, but at uSports we believe that more should be done to promote the value of sport from an early age.

During many Early Years Teacher Training programmes, PE is often incorporated into training as a "bolt-on". An issue which unfortunately is also seen in Primary Teacher Training. Everyone wants their child to lead a healthy lifestyle, so why is so little emphasis placed on delivering high quality physical education?

This is why we believe that we can support you to enhance the experience of the children in your Nursery or Pre-School setting. We are able to work alongside Early Years professionals to create fun, engaging and beneficial sessions for your young people. Our qualified and enthusiastic coaches have a true passion for sport and just love to pass this onto others.

What can we offer to improve the delivery of sport in your Nursery or Pre-School?

  • Active Early Years

Sessions that focus on young peoples Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed (ABCS).
  • Rugby Sessions

Mini rugby sessions which will encourage children to learn the fundamentals of rugby. Throwing, Catching and Movement will be key to these sessions.

  • Football Sessions

An introduction to the most popular sport in the country. Our sessions will include fun, creative ideas to encourage children to learn the basics of football.

  • Dance Sessions

With a bit of music and some fun games, dance sessions are great to get wiggling!

  • Multi-Sports Classes

Mixing up the sport with every session, we will introduce little ones to plenty of sports and teach them the basic fundamentals.

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