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Would your school benefit from a PE CPD Programme?

Having recently finished an initial 6 week CPD block with a group of primary school teachers in Reading we have had time to reflect on the impact our work has had on these teachers.

The example above is just some of the evidence that we create to allow schools to show OFSTED how the funding has been spent and what impact it has had on the school.

Whilst working with teachers as a one off can be effective, we have chosen to implement a CPD programme which allows our mentors and teachers to work together on a weekly basis. This interaction has allowed teachers to see certain techniques being used with their class within the environment that they teach. The relationship between the mentor and teacher will be an opportunity for both to work together to allow the pupils to get the most from every lesson.

An effective use of the PE and Sport Premium is to provide opportunities for teachers to be upskilled -

Primary School PE Lesson - CPD

Benefits of the uSports CPD Programme:

  • Improve PE teaching within your school

  • Increase teacher's confidence in delivering PE

  • Engage more pupils in PE

  • Provide data that your premium has been spent effectively

  • The profile of PE and sport is raised across the school

"uSports are currently delivering the CPD programme on a weekly basis in Christ The King. The mentor has worked closely and effectively with a number of our teachers and we have seen improvements whilst running the programme." - Mrs Tetchner - Sports Coordinator at Christ The King Catholic Primary School

What is the Programme?

Our trained mentors are working with teachers to improve the standard of PE teaching in schools across Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

We will provide your teachers with support on a weekly basis in the environment they teach whilst working with their pupils. The mentor will demonstrate a variety of techniques to help not only the delivery but also the planning and review of the lesson.

Our programme will create data to show evidence of the effects made to teaching within your school. Using the programme it allows you to show OFSTED that you have created a sustainable impact within your school by upskilling teachers in their confidence and understanding of PE delivery.

uSports mentors are qualified to teach all team games, gymnastics and dance.

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