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Providing Even More Free Holiday Camp Spaces For Kids This Easter!

We have been proud to offer free holiday camp spaces to children since our 2021 Summer Holiday Clubs and we are so pleased this Easter to begin offering free HAF spaces to more locations than ever before... plus keep reading to find out how we are providing even more to every individual child who attends a uSports HAF camp above the standard funding allowance.

Where Can I Book A Free Holiday Club Space With uSports?

We have secured Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) funding in all of these areas, each council's HAF bookings will go live at different points so check our website for current HAF booking statuses for each location!

Thames Valley

Bracknell Forest Council Garth Hill College 3G (Bracknell) Football Holiday Camp Teen Football Camp Multi-Sports Holiday Camp

Wokingham Borough Council Woodford Park 3G (Woodley) Football Holiday Camp Girls Only Football Camp

South Lake Primary (Woodley) Multi-Sports Holiday Camp Lambs Lane Primary (Spencers Wood) Multi-Sports Holiday Camp Bearwood Primary (Winnersh) Multi-Sports Holiday Camp

Reading Borough Council New Town Primary School (Reading) Multi-Sports Holiday Camp

Thameside Primary School (Caversham) Multi-Sports Holiday Camp Geoffrey Field Junior School (Whitley) Multi-Sports Holiday Camp

Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead (HAF known as FUEL) Cox Green Leisure Centre 3G (Maidenhead) Football Holiday Camp St Luke's Primary School (Maidenhead) Multi-Sports Holiday Camp Hilltop First School (Windsor) Multi-Sports Holiday Camp


South Gloucestershire Council Iron Acton Primary (Iron Acton) Multi-Sports Holiday Camp


Hertfordshire Council (HAF known as HAPpy) Oak View Primary School (Hatfield) Multi-Sports Holiday Camp Holwell Primary School (Welwyn) Multi-Sports Holiday Camp

How Are uSports Offering More For HAF Parents & Kids?

NEW: 20% Discount For Additional Holiday Camp Booking

We understand the financial pressures faced by many families. To make our camps more accessible, we are offering a 20% discount to all parents who are eligible for HAF funding for any additional camp dates they wish to book above their allocated 24 free days each year. You can use this discount code during half terms as well when HAF camps are not available!

Contact your local area to claim your discount code.

Extended Camp Hours

All of our HAF camps now run from 9am to 3pm to provide 6 hours of activities instead of the 4 hours funded by HAF, offering children a wider range of experiences and providing more hours of childcare for parents!

Better & Tastier Food

We are committed to providing nutritious and delicious meals for all children attending our HAF camps and provide every child with a HAF booking with lunch. We have recently invested into our HAF provision by sourcing a new food provider!

Can My Child Book A Free HAF Space?

Your child can book a free HAF space if they are eligible for pupil premium free school meals. If you are unsure if your child is receiving pupil premium funding already, get in touch with your child's school to find out. The process to register for HAF funding with each local council varies, you can find out how via these links:

Reading Borough Council |

Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead |

South Gloucestershire Council |

Hertfordshire Council |

For more information or to book one of our HAF camps, please visit our website!


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