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uSports Gives Back With £2000 Holiday Camp Funding

uSports are proud this Easter to be providing £2000 of fully funded holiday camp spaces straight from our business. Read on to find out more about why we are doing this and where this funding is being placed...

Here at uSports we have been incredibly proud to be a part of the Healthy Activities & Food (HAF) programme. This is the government funding supported by Marcus Rashford to allow children who receive pupil premium free school meals to have access to enriching activities over the school holidays free of charge. Through this scheme, since Summer 2021, uSports have already provided free spaces to hundreds of children. This has allowed us to make even greater efforts to follow our philosophy of providing as many children as possible the opportunity to have a positive experience with a variety of sports at a young age.

Since last Summer we have worked with children who had never attended a holiday camp before and have gone away at the end of the day having had a fantastic time! We have run these camps in association with Reading Borough Council, Wokingham Borough Council, West Berkshire Council and Windsor & Maidenhead Council to provide opportunities across a broad area.

HAF funding is available in all of the longer school holidays: Summer, Easter & Christmas. Over the Easter break however, local councils have received a smaller pot of funding which has meant that they have not been able to provide as much funding to companies such as uSports to help children to engage in healthy activities over the Easter holidays.

We are fortunate to have received funding across all of our partnered local councils, however the funding limitations have meant that we cannot provide HAF spaces in all of our usual venues. We believe so passionately in the mission of the HAF programme that we did not want to let this stop us from providing free spaces to those children who would benefit most. So, uSports will be personally funding 24 free spaces a day at our Caversham Multi-Sports Camp held at Thameside Primary School. The ability to offer this provision is something which makes us very proud as an organisation as it allows us to continue following our philosophy.

The local councils hope to receive more substantial funding for the summer holidays so we hope to again be able to offer HAF funded spaces at Thameside and also St Michael's in Tilehurst later this year. We also hope to offer additional spaces in our other current venues and hope to even find a few more venues to squeeze in too!

If your child is eligible for pupil premium free school meals and you would like to book onto one of our HAF, FUEL (Windsor & Maidenhead's version of HAF) or uSports funded camps visit the relevant booking pages below for step by step instructions and we will hope to see you down at the camps!

All of the camps below have both paid and free options...

Thameside Primary School (uSports Funded)

Woodley Football Plus

Maiden Erlegh Multi-Sports

Geoffrey Field Juniors Multi-Sports (Priority To Students from Geoffrey Field Juniors)

St Luke's Multi-Sports

Hilltop First School Multi-Sports


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