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Welcome To The Team Fish!

As a small business we are constantly adapting and reviewing how we are running. This allows us to embark on new and exciting ventures and for us this has most recently led to the creation of a new role within the business: Business Support Manager. We have now filled this role and are excited to introduce you all to Fish who is joining the team from today!

What is a Business Support Manager?

The Business Support Manager is a new role within the business and after much googling to find the right title we felt this was the best fit for the role! This new role covers the day-to-day decision making and general management of the business with the support of Danielle, our Operations Manager. Fish will become the go to for coaches to ask questions on their sessions, for schools to check their provision is up to date or for parents to speak to over the holidays with any queries. As someone who works with uSports in some way or another, it is likely that you will come into contact with Fish over some point! The Business Support Manager will allow uSports to become more efficient and to run smoothly on a day to day basis as well as supporting us to grow and develop further over the coming weeks, months and years.

Why we have created this new role...

While we have all been affected by COVID in some way or another, we wanted to ensure that we continued to grow and develop to remain true to our business goals. As we have grown, our workload has grown with us! This means more schools to liaise with, more children to support and more parents to converse with. When this is combined with growing software and administrative tasks to manage, it becomes increasingly difficult to ensure that we are still finding time to grow. Fish will therefore be coming into the business to ensure that we are maintaining our high standard of service across the board which will then allow me more time as the director to focus on developing and growing the business with new strategies and ventures. Overall, by adding this additional member to the team we are allowing ourselves the ability to continue to 'Put You First' in everything that we do with some extra team power!

A little more about Fish...

I was born and raised in Swaziland and went to boarding school in South Africa where a love for all sports, be it social or competitive, is ingrained in your blood.  Here I developed a particular love for anything water based and of course Rugby. After immigrating to the UK I studied Leisure Management and Sports Studies and during these formative years I  nurtured my love for developing sport in the community at grass root level. I currently play rugby at Redingensians Rugby Club  and enjoy cycling, running, kayaking and SUPing to name a few.  

As well as my enjoyment for sport I love adventures. I have been fortunate to travel around the world exploring new cultures and learning from these experiences.  I have a  passion for exploring and sharing the world with my family and friends, be it as simple as a BBQ in the back garden, paddle boarding down the Thames, camping on mass along the coast, or exploring the length of Vietnam on a motorbike with my wife.

Through all these life experiences I have learnt that having a strong work ethic, combined with adaptive thinking and listening, can allow for an enriched and healthy work-life balance.


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