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What To Buy A Sporty Kid For Christmas or a Birthday

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Not sure what to buy your kid as that "Wow" present? No problem, we have you covered with these awesome gifts that any kid is going to love. Our list of over 20 items will give you some great ideas that you may never have thought of!

All of the products will take you directly to the amazon website for you to make your purchase.

Outdoor Toys

  • Cricket Set, with bats, balls and stumps included this is a great pop up cricket set for the outdoors.

  • Protective Helmet, Knee and Should Kits, the kit to make sure your kid is safe when playing

  • Trampoline, what kid wouldn't like a trampoline?

  • Scooter, my personal favourite whilst growing up...

  • Segway/balancing scooter, an epic present for anyone that has good balance!

  • Pogo Stick, for when the trampoline is unavailable, you can still keep bouncing

Football Presents

  • Collection of target/ball control equipment that can be used anywhere, this kit is great for helping kids develop their overall ball control!

  • Goal, need a goal? Get this one, good size for most primary age kids.

  • Ladders and Cones, to create sessions in your own garden! Ask one of our coaches for some advice on what sessions to do.

  • Ball, Size 3 ball, perfect for 4-10 year olds.

Indoor Games

  • Air Hockey Table, perfect for a rainy day!

  • Twister, another classic guaranteed to give you the giggles.


  • Fitbit, as the new generation becomes more and more familiar with tech, it's no surprise that Fitbits are all the craze!

  • Video Consoles, XBOX and PS4 (nothing wrong with some screen time but monitor it!)

  • FIFA, the best football game for a video console!


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