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Why you need to try our Bracknell Football Training.

Do you live in or around Bracknell and are looking for a quality football coaching session? This is an ideal session to go alongside your child's grassroots football.

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Bracknell Football Training

Our coaches are keen to get to know your child to personalise sessions around them. These tailored sessions are delivered by experienced coaches who hold a UEFA B qualification, as required in all English Academies.

uSports deliver these football classes in 10 week phases to allow sessions to flow from one to the next.

"Our sessions are planned, delivered and reviewed by coaches that genuinely care about your child's development" - Charlie Hiscox, Head Coach
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Bracknell Football Coaching

Over the last phase we have had a strong focus on making decisions on the ball. Our sessions have included topics such as 1vs1's, dribbling, shooting and passing. We adapt our sessions to allow players to be creative and playful with the ball in an environment that doesn't punish mistakes.

Every session starts with ball manipulation where players have a ball each and are challenged to work on new skills, keepy ups and

ball control. These starter activities are invaluable to football players between 5 and 11 as they provide them with opportunities to grow in confidence with the ball.

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Bracknell Football Training - Warm Up

One free taster session!

We offer a free taster session for you and your child to come and try our training before you commit to the rest of the phase.

What are the next steps?

  1. Book your free taster session

  2. Attend the session

  3. Wait for us to send you invitation link after your first session.

  4. Book on and pay for the remaining sessions within the current phase

  5. Watch us work closely with your child to help them reach their full potential

We look forward to working with your child in the near future. If you have any questions feel free to contact us on:

T | 0118 449 2641

E |


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